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V points - use hack dowsp33Ac
summon x11 - enter pass onDZFjPOR
5 star hero - qJMx9HCUp
diamonds cheat - CzCPOLX39
relic - Le0BWq7Se
legendary equipment - 60GJSk4UM
Month Card x1 - id8fZFGZW
upgrade - mtCjhIiss
daily gift bag x10 - Iv84HLQ7a
secret combination code - axDEplJXA
increase stats - wg1rHq0Ro
rank up - Qf4QgMbtn
stage key - xk0Sgk0cu
permanent bonus booster - wifz3TlIA
beginner’s pack V - pcQTURk01
monthly limited pack V - oJvsP6LeD
soul stones - FH5iEuR1O
mutant lab ticket - E9hdZwVaP
supply mission ticket - vj4JLmejj
soul shifter - 6IIooSmmz
Noblesse Zero with WEBTOON How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
Are you here, agent? I will explain the basics for you not to get in the others' way. Please proceed to hero level up. The hero has become stronger through level up. You are better than i expected. Now, upgrade character's passive skill. Tap the portrait of each unit to enter 'hero info' window for upgrading passive skill. Each hero has unique passive skills, and all heroes within the same party share bonuses from passive skills from each hero. Information about upgrading passive skills can be found at the bottom of 'hero info' window. It seems complicated at first, but it's actually easy. Hope you won't give up on this.
Hack Basics
Well, i guess unlocking the first passive skill will take some time, isn't it? Please gather more SP from stages. New passive skill level can be unlocked when you reach a certain agent level. Oh, keep in mind that your hero's passive skill level cannot exceed hero level.
Studying the rest of the menu is left to you. Agent, play the game while clearing the beginner's missions above and enter cheat code. You can also directly access that menu by tapping shortcut at the bottom left. Well, i hope you have a great time.
Noblesse Zero with WEBTOON Hint & Tips
1. Touch the tiem to get a reward. When all rewards are received, the mission will be reset.
2. Critical chance of all party member increases by 10% after advent skill of human faction is activated.
3. When using the advent skill while noble faction is active, critical damage increases by 100% for all party members.
4. When using the advent skill while werewolf faction is active HP increases by 200% for all party members.
5. Agent level increases by 1 per every 100 stages. As the level increases, the bonus increases. Offline progress speed also increases with the agent level.
Raizel, Muzaka, and Frankenshtein the best 3! Blood field - while auto-attacking, Raizel has a certain chance to generate pillars of blood to storm the enemies and increase attack and attack speed of all party members. Wolf howl - while auto attackin, Muzaka has a certain chance to transform into a wolf to viciously bit the enemies and increase attack and critical damage of all party members. Dark instincts - while auto-attackin, Frankenshtein has a certain chance to fire a dark ether blast to enemies and increase attack and crit chance pf all party. Cheat code fro hack tools menu: Raizel - ZjnIzVx; Muzaka - 0obgwwl; Frankenshtein - kCFg2lp.

Noblesse Zero with WEBTOON Hack tools Version

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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date27 October 2020
Last Modified27 October 2020
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