Cheats hack Nodeshifter code:HP, increase speed, orbit stickyness, powerups, saalt, respawn, gift codes Nodeshifter Hack tools game bug android, ios.

Cheat Nodeshifter hack android, ios code

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Hack Nodeshifter: cheat List
increase orbit stickyness by 250% - use hack FNM5kCayc
increase node speed by 300% - enter pass XCR07x2J5
+10 HP - ekdymYxoi
when you die, you respawn and have 10HP - o0bFeXCWz
extend the orbit ring range to the very edges of the screen - u97VI5tHb
powerups - kVz8SavCi
Month Card x1 code - fqIQy9K8a
upgrade cheat - UjiWxjTka
daily gift bag x10 - W0T3ORUqy
secret combination - Am6OJf0Nl
level up - xEvxgi5nP
saalt x5,000 - d7DqlnbI8
shield - iRbboZBe0
premium defense ship pack - z9iSt2N4J
credits x1,000 - LM6sIs3x3
frozen - zj0HWDsDe
booster pack - Fw1StObZ3
special reward - MiTavfQBv
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Game Story
Looks like it's your first time here, Cadet. We recommend taking a look at the Player manual before you begin piloting your Shifter. The hexagon in the middle of your screen is your Nodeshifter. It's a state of tha rt combat vehicle. Very futuristic, right? Protect it at all costs. It was very expensive.
Nodeshifter Hack Basics
See dots at the top of your screen? That's the health of your Nodeshifter. So long as you've got some health, you're alive. When enemies collide with your Nodeshifter, they damage you, indicated by removing dots from your health above. Super unique mechanics, right? Luckily, your base comes equipped with some high tech armaments. We call them nodes. Nodes are your first line of offense and defense against invading forces. Hitting an enemy with your Node is how you fight back. It's pretty metal.
Hint & Tips
1. Some enemies drop a resource called Saalt when they're destroyed. YOu'll use Saalt to purchase permanent upgrades and more for your shifter in the shop.
2. Powerful as it may be, your Node can't travel anywhere it wants. Your Node has to travel along a predetermined patch called an orbiting ring.
3. You can change the size of the orbiting ring at any time by simply swiping up to increase its size, or swiping down to decrease it.
4. What's more, you can even change the direction of the Node on its orbiting ring by simply tapping on the screen.
Calibrator - increase node stickiness by 100%. Vampirism - you have a small chance at recovering health from a node impact. Node orbiter - your node(s) now has an orbiting node around it. Health Up - you can take more damage. Put a ring on it offensive - new orbiting ring with one node, outer orbit. Put a ring on it - new ring with one node, inner orbit. Cruciform - you now have 3 evenly spaced nodes, but they move at 1/2 speed.
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Nodeshifter Redeem gift code
1. CiVBYmMl2ExK2Mh
2. hcqJHQpRlb3jTSG
3. 6NkaRdhjxGXputS
4. du70FtJy3mFWnEu
5. PZjE9UZwtJMaPrB
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date08 October 2020
Last Modified08 October 2020
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