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z45Rim - agility medal
4xQGK6 - common spritnite
KSztti - lucky box
P2H4WZ - gear
O2LVBD - secret mode code
mlW4yy - luxury bag
LPZYex - free coupons
4YGbUE - fragments pack
0I45Q5 - fragments
FksSov - fixed bug
OsYB6y - evolve hack
WCs23h - gift code 2020
Dear Commander, welcome to new android game. First of all, let’s go rally up some allies! Summon gate, we can summon all kinds of heroes from here: normal, advanced, friendship summon. Now we can try some more advanced summoning, which can allow you to summon heroes with higher star level. Now let’s go to the battlefield to take a look at our heroes. Tap on the hero’s portrait to deploy. The enemy is coming, we need tou commander, to command our heroes. Attacking a countered target will grant an additional 30% damage and 15% AC bonus.

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The energy of our hero is full, hurry and tap on his portrait to unleash his ultimate skill! Tap on hero’s shard to exchange the hero. Collect 20 shards to summon hero in item page. We can disassemble the heroes we don’t need for resources. Tap on disassemble code to get the resources used to develop the hero. Next, let’s use the resources we got to upgrade our heroes. Next, let’s put on some equipment for our character. You can greatly improve the strength of the hero by equipping equipment for them, remember to continuously upgrade our heroes’ equipment.

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1. oUBwJP - level up
2. tqnIxP - voucher
3. V9HqTE - shard
4. Fkz7mQ - artifact
5. wHcVQ3 - characters

Through idling combat our heroes collect many trophies for us. Don’t forget to collect them! Please don’t forget to deploy our new hero. Hold and slide the hero to change the position. Let me remind you again, the rewards of idling will increase as the time goes by, which grant you up to 12 hours, remember to come back and collect them. Tap on check in to collect gift codes. You can collect login rewards every day, don’t forget to come and get them! Next, let’s check out the hack shop to see if there is something good.
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Code HikKMV - a golden key, essential for summoning heroes. Alright, next it’s up to you, commander. If you don’t know what you should do, then just go check out the quest panel. Lead your strongest team into the arena, challenge and defend the opponents to keep your rank, compete with players globally!

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1 dkMtoL upgrade
2 zYXxNC fragments crystal
3 ftQfJ4 coupon
4 p5eH2j promo code
5 H8Q4qt gift box
6 iu5Lmy gold coins
7 K84GAX month card
8 4vad7L premium pack
9 vPxq9Y legendary gear
10 NZGL2Y vip ticket
11 EJ62Tn gear pack

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Character tier list: Mihaw - frost seal: deals damage of 350% attack to all enemy units and freezes for 2 seconds, dispels one buff effect.
Flamaru - death laser:deals damage of 475% attack to all enemy heroes.
z1pqq0 - fiendship points
d5iqTX - fragments
XjKjp0 - keys
0TwQ2D - gears
Hack TqnlOK - materials
Cheat jNhEUK - rank up
Ld22WN - elite ticket. how and where enter
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