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Cheat Oasis Os Survival hack android, ios code

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Hack Oasis Os Survival: cheat List
legendary box x10 - use hack kyTp6ppjz
advance - enter pass sv9IiQidG
speed up - XdfqPKVbU
materials - eOLAR3Tjn
gold x10000 - J4AkYPhQK
battle pass - AnpcHXLbe
Month Card x1 code - 8hlArJ7pk
upgrade cheat - 3YUBLQCY0
daily gift bag x10 - cEB4kM1mz
secret combination - E4Jb6dqvG
level up - LPbqduUlx
equipment enhance - bCVOCTZh3
Beginner bundle - 9Gjh2PaSu
diamonds x1000 - bPHSJtdW6
Vip 15 status - zRK5HvlpH
career talents x20 - gWjdtC88P
gold chest x10 - GXhBFcCzi
quest ticket x30 - Um8LR2p9f
reforge store x10 - Kpg02Q9Am
special reward - 6D12EmGYj
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Game Story
Cutting edge city, located on the earth's energy core, has the world's highest level of science and technology, from here people develops the earth's energy and continuously delivers energy to the every corner of the world.
In this fast growing world that depends so much on the energy, greedy and evil dictator are conspiring to seize the energy and conquer the world, even other planets.
After the dictator conquered the Cutting Edge city, he captured a large number of R&D personnel and imprisoned them in the Cutting Edge lab. He used the earth energy to make super lethal killing weapons and powerful energy cannons that could destroy the whole city with just one blow.
Oasis Os Survival Hack Basics
Just as the energy cannon is about to be completed, the unexpected leak of energy led to a massive explosion, killing refugees and researchers in the city.
The killing procedures set by the dictator allowed the explosion to reverberate around the world, leaving the world in ruins with radiation and shock waves, mountains and ground cracked, the plants mourned.
The once prosperous and advanced cities suddenly became ruins, volcanoes erupted, and wind swept the cities into a desert wasteland.
Natural creatures mutate to aggressive monsters, floristic species mutate to uproot their roots from the ground, they open their scarlet eyes and go a killing spree in this once beautiful world.
The people who survived set up Sanctuarys to receive refugees from all over the world to fend off this menacing monster. One day the Cyborg were moving stone from the ruins of the Cutting Edge lab. When they stopped, a pair of earth energy powered hands reached out from the ruins and raised the possessed red eyed dictator.
Hint & Tips
1. No matter how strong the monster is, i believe your fancy positioning will prevent you from being hit.
2. The Alien's leap skill are flashing and can quickly escape from massive enemies.
3. SLide the screen to make the character move release to attack. Increase the level by killing enemies. You can learn a new buff once you level up.
4. When player's energy is full, you can use ultimate.
5. Holy sword does damage than any other weapon.
6. Player gain 1 talent point every two levels.
7. The attack of the Alien is able to cross the wall.
Oasis Os Survival Abilities
Flame bullet - cause damage intermittently over a period of time. Continuos shoot - quickly shoot 2 times. Bloodthirsty - recover a small amount of HP after killing an enemy. Vampire - chance to recover HP after causing damage to ana enemy. Double gunner - shoot bullet by left and right hand in turn.
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Oasis Os Survival Redeem gift code
1. 3qmh8pru7JEXx2q
2. TjzBzZP0NxqwO3Y
3. vdAX7pHXIPChH8N
4. DsWMZeSRGkS6Orp
5. IOiiaQhlDnHOsCT
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date02 October 2020
Last Modified02 October 2020
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