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Hi, i’m Cheat-on, the Mermaid. I was not hiding in your bottom deck for the shore! I will be your little guide! Now let’s go to the pub and meet some new friends! The great adventure begins! Select Chapter, i think the enemy here is just easy prey. You can tap a hero’s portrait to unleash the skill when energy is full. Teamwork between heroes is critically important. More combo will deal great damage.

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Tap a vacant slot to deploy a new companion! Tap “manual/auto” button for the auto combat and auto cast the character’s skills. Your feats have been rewarded! open the chest for surprise: gold, diamond, hero promotion gem. You have available gear in bag, equip it. But remember, the gears must be equipped to proper parts.

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Gib - inflict burning damage over time!
Angelina - deals physical damage to enemies in two nearest rows, and substantially increases the mesteal of your heroes for a duration.
Davi Joes - he summons sea monsters to attack the enemies, dealing massive magic damage and healing you all.
Codekeeper - deals massive damage to two farthest enemy rows, stunning all enemies for 5 seconds and lowering their magic defense.
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Eliza - deals a critical strike to the enemy’s back row like a thunderbolt, paralyzing all male heroes.
Ghostship Captain - approaches enemy heroes in the first two rows, fearing them, decreasing their P. Def and dealing physical damage. Use codes and give rewards: gold, diamonds, legendary gear, evolve heroes, free summon, premium month card and etc.

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  • Upgrade of hero skill is enabled upon stage cleared.
  • Defeat Bizarre enemies for gold.
  • Unleash your wrath to opponents. Rise up in the worldwide arena.
  • Venture into the unknown! For treasure!
  • Breed your favorite pirate captain now!

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  • Build,Exalt,Skill and Potential! Four hero cultivation system boost your squad combat power.
  • Captain Hook, or over 50 other famous captains. Travel around this 3D graphic map with realistic sea battle scene. It's your glory to create your own legendary squad and combat with players from all over the world!
  • Win the cross-server guild war! Make your guild the top of the ranking list in the Devil's Delta!

Ocean Raider tutorial

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