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Welcome to your office, boss! It looks empty now, but you can fill it by hiring more staff, or decorate it with more items, as long as you have money. This is your first day of work, so i would provide you some basic guidelines first. Target rev meter - fill it up to reach daily revenue target.

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The money your staff earns are automatically deposited into the revenue meter. Each staff’s output and working speed varies individually. They won’t always be working hard, once in awhile they would find chances to slack off. Look at his sneaky eyes OH My Office Switching sneaky eyes! Quickly tap on his desk, warning him to focus on work. Successful in warning staff during sneaky eyes will generate extra output.

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The hover device has a radar, able to detect staff anomalies and give alerts. But don’t rely on the it too much. You have to be aware of their expressions to make sure they don’t slack off. Staff that is slacking off will not have any revenue output, if you leave them alone, you will not fulfill the target revenue. Look how distracted they are, warning them will not put them back to work. Staff slacking off will need punishment.

OH My Office wiki
Long press on her will result in punishment. Punishing slackers will result in punishment money, will definitely help in contributing to the daily rev. But beware the punishment meter, using it consecutive times will overheat, will need to cooldown before using again. Also, punishment power increases the longer you press it, enabling more punishment money. Total of 3 levels of power.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Every successful warning or punishment increases money as well as morale. When morale meter is full, one of the staff will enter work fever.
  • Staff has entered work fever. Output and working speed is greatly increased, a great way to fill up target revenue.
  • don't abuse warning or punishment when your staff is working, this will cause them to rage, staff in rage mode will have their output greatly decrease.

OH My Office tips
Tutorial OH My Office(wiki):
  • Both rage mode duration and work fever effectiveness varies depending on the individual staff EQ, therefore picking a staff with an higher EQ is very important.
  • When a staff is in rage more or stacking off morale will decrease.
  • Keep pushing for more rev before the day ends at 18:00. A higher day end rev will raise your report rating and give you better rewards.
  • Furthermore there are additional goals, that if left incomplete, even if you meet your revenue target you will still fail the stage.

OH My Office tutorial
Instructions: remember, if you’re having difficulties completing daily targets, you can try leveling up your staff. Tap “!” to see work type can decrease trouble effects.

Tips to repair durability OH My Office:

fix error with the server, bugs, lags, crashes. Optional challenges - are not required to complete the stage, but completing them increases rating and amethyst award. Summarizes - your money rewards for completing the stage. Before starting day you can check for available staff, their stamina and etc., if they run out of stamina they will be burned out and will be unable to work. Stamina will recoup over time, from energy drinks instantly or use hack cheats code.
OH My Office tips to repair
A good boss shouldn’t be a source of constant pressure to their staff, but also satisfy their personal needs. See the request bubble on top of his head? Press it before it disappears. When you tap the bubble, your staff will leave their table, use other facilities and will get a temporary power up after returning the seat. Staff with power up will have increased output and work quality. Work quality increases critical success frequency. When staff hit critical success, output gets an exponential boost.

But be aware every facility can only be occupied by one staff at a time, and there maybe times when multiple staff request the same facility. You can always go to office menu to purchase more office equipment for your staff.

Sometimes a boss needs to handle special incidents. Tap on the bulb on your head. Incidents are A or B choices, that will have immediate consequence to your business. With a good choice, your revenue went up! Sometimes choices from incidents may not have positive outcome so you can also ignore the bubble. Google Play Download ► how and where enter
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