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Free hack Ohana Island cheats code list - gold, energy, new rooms, promo ticket, boost up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Ohana Island cheat world: long ago, on the island of 'Ohana, a young florist unearthed a secret. She built a botanic garden next to her shop to guard the secret. After ages of prosperity, the estate declined, and the secret was lost. This is the story of how i, Cheat-on, rediscovered the secret to saving Ohana. And it all started with a flower shop...

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Why don't you help me wash the shop exterior. This is such a beautiful shop! It's been in my family for generations! Along with the gardens, but they're covered up by jungle now. Come, once we fix these flower displays it'll look even nicer! Eliminate elements to pass the customs.

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Tap on 2 or more matching flowers to collec them. Collect plenty of flowers to reach the goal. Always keep an eye on the moves you have left.
The island has some of the prettiest flowers i've ever seen! The most beautiful flower in the world used to grow here. But Lucas Sweet wants my family's land to build some resort spa restaurant whatever. We can stop him thoygh right? That's why you're here!

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With your help, it's possible! But first, deary, i would like you to pick out a new awning to suit the shop's redesign. See what will happen if you pop 5 matching flowers at once - water cannon! Find out what you will get if you pop 7 matching flowers at once the rainbow blast. Blast will remove all flowers of the same color.

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