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Old School RuneScape cheat world: before you get started, you'll need to set the appearance of your character. Please use the open interface to set your appearance. Before you begin, have a read through the controls guide below. Swipe with one finger to rotate the camera. Pinch with two fingers to zoom in and out. Tap a point on the ground to move. Alternatively, you can tap a point on the minimap instead. YOu have already learned the first thing needed to succeed in this world: talking to other pleople.

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YOu will find many inhabitants of this world have useful things to say to you. By tapping on them you can talk to them. To answer, simply tap your chosen answer on the following screen. Now then, let's start by looking at your options menu. On the side panel, you can see a varity of game options such as screen brightness and music volume. The menu you've just opened is one of many. You'll learn about the rest as you progress through the site. Remember, you can swipe across the screen to rotate the camera.

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You can also move around by tapping a point on the minimap in the top right corner. The first skill we're going to look at is fishing. There's some shrimp in this pond here. Let's try and catch some. To view the item you've been given, you'll need to open your inventory. Inventory - you can view all of your items here, including the net you've just been given. Let's use it to catch some shrimp. To start fishing, just tap on the sparkling fishing spot.

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Tap on the bar graph icon near the inventory button to see your skills menu. On this menu you can view your skills. Your skills can be leveled up by earning experience, which is gained by performing various activites. As you level up your skills, you will earn new unlocks. You require a fire to do that which means you need some logs. You can cut down trees using your woodcutting skills, all you need is an axe. ive it a go by tapping on one of the trees in the area. You won't be able to chop oak trees until you have a woodcutting level of 15. You'll advance to higher woodcutting levels by chopping down normal trees. At higher woodcutting levels you will find even more trees you can cut.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: talk to the chef - he will teach you the more advanced aspects of cooking such as combining ingredients. The master chef gives you some flour and some water. This is the base for many meals. To make dough you must mix flour with water. To do so, tap on the flour in your inventory. then, with the flour highighted, tap on the water to combine them into dough. As you gain experience in cooking, you will be able to make other things like peis and cakes. If you need a recap on anything, talk to the master chef.

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Tutorial Old School RuneScape (wiki): when navigating the world, you can either run or walk. Running is faster but you can't run for long as you'll soon run out of energy. You can use the flashing orb next to the minimap to toggle running.
At the moment all of the quests are shown in red, which means you have not started them yet. When you start a quest it will change colour to yellow. Once you've finished it, it will change to green. This is so you can easily see what's complete. Tapping a quest in the journal will display some more information on it. If you haven't started the quest, it will tell you where to begin and what requirements you need. If the quest is in progress, it will remind you what to do next.

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