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At Belles Fleus academy, there is a legendary garden, in which no flower’s beauty is ever lost to the passage of time. This gardem and its everblooming flora are the pride of the student body, and inspire each to remain steadfast in pursuing their dreams.
Since the academy’s founding a hundred years ago no outsider has ever been afforded the privilege to step upon its grounds. Until today, when the academy welcomes its first ever transfer student. Is it mere happenstance that brings this new addition to the academy, or is the garden preparing yet another miracle?

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You can perform a short dash by pressing B + <>. Speed will increase while B is being held down. Be careful, that is a monster. It will attack if it sees you. It has not noticed you yet. This is your chance to defeat it. You can attack the space in from of you with A. YOu’ll encounter many more monsters along the way. Tread carefully if you wish to get out alive.

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Walking in place: you can walk by pressing the A + B at the same time. It will make turns pass faster, so it’s useful in recovering HP and from abnormal status effects.
There are many items scattered about this place. There could be weapons or even human food. They should help you find your way out of here. You can pick up items laying on the ground by walking over them. Each type of item has its own effect.
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You can use the items in your possession form the item menu. Changing the direction you are facing with Y. When standing next to an enemy, you can press Y to automatically turn towards the enemy. You can perform a long dash by pressing B + Y+ < >. With one action you can move to the end of the path or an item.
When Belly reaches zero during an adventure, you begin to slowly lose HP. Try to recover Belly by eating something before it reaches 0.

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  • When you defeated monster, the mystical energy, omega power, was released. Your gear absorbed that Omega power and grew.
  • You gain WP by killing enemies. As you gain WP, the character's chest will get bigger. As size increases, the characters get stronger and fully recover HP.
  • Pressing R brings up the ring menu, a convenient shortcut. In the ring menu you can use an item you are carrying or throw something at someone.
  • You can move diagonally by simultaneously pressing diagonally. You can lock movement to diagonal by holding L while moving. You can change controls for L and R in dungeon settings in the system menu.
  • There are traps set in some rooms inside dungeons. When you step on a trap you might take damage and receive a status effect. You can find a trap by standing in the space in front of it and swinging.

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As you walk around the academy, investigate people and places with “!” using A. When you want to search for a “!” you can look all over by pressing R and changing the camera.
The director’s gourmet dining hall - eating in the fancy terrace seats is very popular with the students. Small accessories are also sold here.
A place with a refreshing breeze - students often come here to help clear their minds before a difficult exam.
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