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Free hack Omega Wars cheats code list - energy, legendary card, gold coins, promo ticket, medals, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Omega Wars cheat world: long before the existence of the Milky way galaxy, the Demon race have roamed across the universe in pursuit of destruction and conquest. Referring to themselves as the immortal warriors, the demons have grown in strength with each battle. Under the command of the Demon lord, the demons seek to destroy all who dare to stand in their way.

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The demon special ability assault allows you to control the movement of the demon Lord. Try dragging assault towards the human king. When not using assault, the Demon Lord will move towards and attack anything within his field of vision. Some demon legendary card are designated as guard units. Guard units can only be deployed next to the demon lord, but are not restricted by the boundaries in your opponent’s territory.

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Characters: Swordsman - good at long range attack using swordplay and Ki skills, dealing multiple air blade damges to enemies. Budoka - good at close range boxing, dealing great damage to enemies with hard punch.
Some legendary card can be combined in the battlefield to form a special unit - this action is called pairing. Combining 2 slime legendary card together will form a special unit called slime king.

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The road to galatic conquest has just begun! Let’s upgrade our army in preparation for our next battle. Unlock the human and phantom races when you reach your next medals milestones. Each card has a special ability that can be unlocked. For example, zombie’s special ability is an active ability that can allow you to summon his alternative form - furious zombie.

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