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Free hack ONE PIECE Bounty Rush cheats code list - summon, silver coins, skill points, promo ticket, medals, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. ONE PIECE Bounty Rush cheat world: bounty rush is a 4 us 4 multiplayer game, where teams fight to collect berries. Berries is mainly collected by capturing treasure placed on the battlefield. The team with the most berries at the end wins. Fight to collect berries that can be obtained from the 5 treasure locations on the field. A team can also win by capturing all 5 of the trasures and holding them for a certain amount of time.

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Approach the treasure and tap the flag button to capture it. If the enemy is in the treasure area, you must force them out before the treasure can be captured. Attack and Ko the enemy. Swipe the screen to move the camera. Tap the screen to re-center the camera. Use normal attacks, skill and dodge effectively to KO the enemy.
The higher the difficulty the stronger your rival characters and the better the rewards become. Feeling confident? Then give it a go!

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There are 2 types of attacks: normal and skills. These are different depending on the character. You can avoid receiving damage by dodging the enemy’s attacks. Characters have one of three elements - red, green or blue. Depending on the element, the amount of damage dealt or received will change.
When completing a battle with record results, or when meeting certain conditions, you may receive a title. Any title you have received can be selected from your profile.

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There are 3 types of character class: attackers, defender, runners. Attackers are best used in combat. Attack and KO as many enemies as possible. Defenders are great at defending treasure. With high DEF stats and skills with knockback effects, use them to prevent the enemy from capturing treasure. With high speed, runners are best used to capture treasure. Avoid conflict and swiftly move in to capture unprotected treasure. Each character has a unique trait. These are passive effects that can activate buffs or reduce damage from attacks under specific circumstances.
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