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We have two outstanding heroes, let them perform the mission together. Let’s start our hero road from the first story. The main goal of this mission is to defeat Crablante. Achieve this goal to complete the mission. The cumulative goal - complete this after completing the main goal. Sometimes it takes multiple times to achieve them all.
We have arrived at the quest location, tap world button to view the map.

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Main goal - here you can view the mission again, if you forget, you can check it here anytime. Boss, enemy, reams, items - some key points are marked on the map, but the locked routes are not marked. The goal of this time is to defeat the boss. We know the approximate position of the boss so you can close the map to start the mission. There are a few thugs ahead. it seems that you can’t move on without fixing them up a bit.

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Mumen rider’s active skill can cause the enemy to flat, while Genous has a skill that can Chase a floating enemy.
Almost forgot, after the cumulative goals are all completed, there will be a mystery rewards. After the story and missions of each chapter are all completed, you can receive a generous reward.
Heroes - tap here to view all the acquired characters. This panel has the description of the skills and attributes of the character.
One Punch Man wiki
A detailed understanding of a character is helpful for subsequent operations. EXP food gained through the missions can help the character upgrade quickly. After the character star level reaches the upper limit, the level cannot be upgraded. Star level upgrade will raise the level limit and reset the level.
Emergency dispatch mission - a new mission will appear when each previous mission is complete, and all unexecuted quests will be reset at a fixed time every day. Limited missions will be added every 6 hours. After the limit is reached, it will no longer be refreshed, and the reward will be more generous.

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  • A rare gacha has a higher chance to get a character and has a chance to get a 3-star character.
  • Level limit upgraded to level 20. When the level is reset to 1 the main attribute will have a drastic increase.
  • Star level upgrade requires the following material.
  • As long as you complete the dispatch mission, you will receive the basic reward. The talent points obtained here are important materials for activating the character's talents.
  • The character's total star level required to complete the mission is indicated here (stars). If the star level is insufficient, the success rate will decrease.
  • Each heroes has its own dispatch attribute, and the mission needs the character who has the corresponding dispatch attribute to execute. If the attribute does not match, the success rate will also decrease.

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After each chapter story is cleared, potential disasters will be unlocked.
There are many disasters in this area, we need to deal with them and improve the security here.
When a certain degree of security is achieved, the next story chapter will be unlocked.
Of course, when a certain degree of security is achieved, we will also receive extra rewards. The reward is gorgeous, please work hard to complete the missions and improve the security.

One Punch Man tutorial

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