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Free hack cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), gift pass, New York City USA engine. ONE PIECE BON JOURNEY cheat list: oFSc3M - crew gathering recruit
KfHkiE - gold
1WP9vE - rainbow pearl
2qfaCU - berries
QoBdcY - food
ncotjf - boss smasher
r9mEvB - skill gauge
C8jGXn - coupon
LkP7O5 - speedup
J4x6ep - boost
5QTLDw - great gift code pack 2020
In this country ruled by Doflamingo, there lurks a terrible darkness. In the second half of the Grand line, known as the New world. There is a pirate making waves in these dangerous waters: monkey D. Luffy. The start of Luffy’s adventure reaches back to his youth in a tiny port village in the East blue. Match 3 Bonbons to attack. Bonbons fly off and attack the enemy! The skill gauge filled up! That means hero’s ready to use skill! Defeat all enemies to get the treasure.


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Defeat more and more enemies to strengthen your Bonbons! To clear - this is the remaining number of enemies. Defeat them all to clear the stage. Turns - this is the remaining number of turns. Clear the stage before it hits 0. Clearing a stage will earn you clear rewards. Let’s challenge the next stage right away! Next, let me explain about special pieces. Match 4 Bonbons together and they’ll turn into an arrow piece - clears an entire line of Bonbons.

ONE PIECE BON JOURNEY cheats, hack codes

Special pieces can be activated using 2 different methods. The first is by tapping on them twice. The second is by swapping them with an adjacent Bon! Bomb piece - clears all around the bomb piece. Match and clear 5 hero in an L or T shape and they’ll turn into a Bomb piece. Right, next on our list of special pieces is the rainbow piece - clears an entire type of character. Match 5 Bonbons in a line and they’ll turn into a rainbow piece.
Launch an all out attack by using special pieces to clear lots of heroes at once. Get Shanks and Luffy next to each other to clear the stage. The Bonbons up on the platform will be there in the puzzle. Complete missions to collect all sorts of rewards. There are completion deadlines for missions. Complete them before they expire. The bonbons on your team can use skills in stages. The heroes on your team get stronger as you take on stages. You can also enhance them by spending Berries on the Bonbon details screen! Give it a try if a puzzle is giving you some trouble!

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Code number Cheat Hack title
1 6iFHYI upgrade
2 nVnRgC stat point
3 iqObOh coupon
4 GsstmU promo code
5 h3Dw6j gift box
6 AYYavK gold coins
7 noffWY month card
8 CSl586 premium pack
9 TCiheD legendary gear
10 3PC86g vip ticket
11 jm2zKc gear pack

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hldcHU - supply box
481NZc - treasure chest
V7oXmz - multiplayer
Bz5QZj - vip status
Wd454E - star tokens
Hack ldvDXH - artifacts
Cheat Nq9l03 - evade
tXjTri - elite ticket
GPWu9L - exchange cheat code

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