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A soft rain fell the day my parent died. An illness claimed them in the end. THe adults told me i mustn’t grieve. They spoke only of their memories of my parents, and their expectations for the afterlife.
Kagachi and Mayura find the lost boy in the meadows and listen to his request. He wants to see his parents one last time before he crosses over, and that lingering attachment is what keeps him bound to the living world.
However, those very feeling disrupt the balance of reincarnation. In order to ease the boy’s heart and send his soul on to where it belongs. Kagachi and Mayura bring him to see his parents.

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The living world - the land of flesh and blood. A natural world brimming with life, where creatures high and low rejoice in being alive. THe beyond - the land of the dead. A world that exists in parallel with the living world, occupying the same space, separated by a thin veil.
Press ZL to move between the living world and the Beyond. THe first time tou travel to the Beyond is a new location, you will be Veil Blind, preventing you from sensing your surroundings. You can vulnerable as long as you are Veil Blind, so any attacks you suffer are fatal.

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A nexus appears when you defeat a sight Stealer, a rare type of Fallen that appears wreathed in a noxious miasmata. If you cross the Vel near a nexus, your Veil Blindness will be lifted in this region of the Beyond. This also bestows special effects known as precepts on you and the fallen within.
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Use healing incense to recover HP. HP recovers automatically outside of battle, so use this when locked in combat. You’ll find healing incense in chests or on fallen enemies. You can use as many as you have. Level up to increase the number of healing incenses you can carry.

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  • Soulstones - form as a sign of the deepening possession of your daemons. The more you use your daemons, the more soulstones you can acquire. Press X to open the main menu, then select daemons, followed by skill tree to use your soulstones.
  • You can assign up to four skills at once. New skills can be acquired using the skill tree.
  • Each skill has a cooldown that begins when you use the skill. The skill cannot be used again until the cooldown ends. Choose a combination of skills that complement each other on the battlefield.
  • The skill tree is a visual depiction of a Daemon's soul. You can use soulstones on the skill tree to acquire new skills and abilities for each Daemon. After acquiring a skill, you can assign it for use in battle using change skills on the daemons menu.
  • Use R to swap between the daemons you can manifest. Be sure to use the daemon that best suits the situation.
  • Metal shard - use to permanently destroy an alarm box.
  • Affinity reflects the depth of possession with a daemon. It rises during battle, and falls when you use skills. High affinity increases your attack, but if it goes over 150 it decreases defense, so tread carefully.
  • When affinity is 100 or higher, you can press L to manifest. When you manifest, your stats increase even further, you can cancel all actions, and damage will not stagger you. While manifested, affinity becomes the manifest gauge. When the gauge reaches zero, manifestation ends.

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Heroes: Aisha - a passionate and caring Daemon. Aisha has been at Kagachi’s side since he first became a watcher. She still holds distant memories of fleeting happiness and an itense longing for love.
Aisha can dash to move quickly across the battlefield, and the swords she wields strike fast and hard, making her a well balanced warrior.
Kagachi - calm and level headed, prefers to keep to himself, performing his duties as a watcher with cool detachment.
Zaav - a daemon with a strong sense of justice and unwavering honesty. Even in death, the inner turnmail Zaav felt in life is evident within him. He still holds distant memories of hatred suffered and deep regrets.
Zaav wields spears as he charges into the fray, and he doesn’t flinch at taking a fex hard hits. he can also leap into the air, enabling him to attack from land or sky.
Oninaki tutorial

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Demo - this mode enables you to play the beginning of the game. Gameplay is identical to the full game, and your save data can be carried over to the full game. Note that Kagachi’s level and the number of skills you can acquire are limited in this mode.
Choose a difficulty level: Casual - an easier difficulty for those who mainly want to enjoy the story. Normal - a difficulty that others challenging gameplay and tactical fighting. Maniac - a difficulty with intense battles that features higher item drop rates. The difficulty does not affect the story.

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Gale slash - attack while dashing. Perform a basic attack while attacking to execute a follow up. Moonless sky - evade for longer when dashing. Sakura - increase the power of skills used immediately after a basic attack hits.

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