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oNYutl - restore health
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gQRGdR - lucky box
cp66VI - gear
9N8rVA - secret mode code
n4d4DY - luxury bag
6mF2Ki - free coupons
9C6S0o - daruma pack
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Mahjong fight now available. Open the tile box to buy shikigami tiles and start battling. Tap to buy Kamaitachi from the tile box. Bought character? Close the tile box and deploy unit in the prep area. Drag it onto the board to get ready for battle. After selecting a shikigami tile, tap the details interface to view details of the hero. You can view the detailed stats and ability values of Kamaitachi in the detail interface.

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You successfully resisted against the enemy attack. You can tap to buy Inugami from the tile box in the new round to boost your power. Positioning of kamaitachi and Inugami is warrior. Deploy them at the same time to trigger the warrior bond. Attacks will deal extra damage. Tap the bond interface to view bond effects.
A new round has begun. Tap to hack Shishio from the tile box. Positioning of Kamaitachi, Inugame and Shishio in the battlefield is samurai. Triggered samurai bond: increases physical resist and magic resist. Tap the bond interface to view bond effect.

Onmyoji Chess cheats, hack codes

1. SExw2W - level up
2. mUxgLP - voucher
3. V65UTQ - shard
4. FMaeEa - free daruma
5. fmfMua - characters

Characters tier list: Samurai - increases armor by 60 and magic resist for samurai shikigami. Warrior shikigami attackā€™s will deal extra magic damage. Can deal up to 300 damage to monsters. Forest bond - summons large Nurikabe, Parasite to assist you in battle. Wizard bond - a random enemy will receive 75 tue damage per second. If the target dies, the effcect will be transfered to another enemy. Natural - unit have a chance to freeze target for 2 seconds when launching basic attacks.
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You will have to resist against attacks from other player in each round. If you fail, your HP will be deducted according to the remaining tiles of your opponent. Buy 2 Shishio from the tile box to raise star rating and boost the stats of the tile. 3 identical 1 star tiles can upgrade to 2 stars and can be upgraded up to 3 stars. Tap Pong cheat code to upgrade shishio to stars. Players will be eliminated when their HP reaches 0. You have already eliminate 1 player. Tiles on the battlefield exceed the limit. tap the experience button to use coins to get EXP. Tile limit will be raised after leveling up.

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Drag the daruma to the front of Sakurako and release to draw a prize. Haching daruma to a god of quality less than or equal to 3 can be used as a rising star material for this type if rising star. After a certain victory/ failure, you will receive a winning streak/ game losing streak. You can spend coins to get experience for leveling up and increase the number of available tiles. As the number of rounds increases, the loser will deduct more extra blood. 41esN1 - epic deck
xuoGWO - fragments
nS6zze - energy
V5bItd - legendary unit
Hack jUJzW0 - artifacts
Cheat JS8ZKI - epic skills
K5SKVo - elite ticket. how and where enter
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