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Valentina - A dream girl according to many ATOM fighters. She is sweet to her allies and ruthless to her enemies. An excellent student of both combat and political training. She currently keeps the record for the fastest disassembly and assembly of the AK-47. As for her combat prowess, that's best illustrated with poem once created in the honor of Valentina by an unknown bard: "when Valentina enters a fight, even her beauty is outshone by her might. The enemies cry, yet she's deaf to their plight. She crushes their skulls all through the night!"
Constantine - A born shooter with a keen eye, a steady hand and the title of the once most dangerous bruiser south of Krasnoznamenny. Before the war, he served as a tech officer in a tank battalion, although some argue that it was not a tank battalion, but indeed a military airfield filed with experimental tech. The truth, with the passage of time, got so muddied, it is now known only to the command staff of ATOM and Constantine himself. The rest of us know only one thing for sure: his loyalty to the ideals of the organization is indistutable and obvious.
Hector - A good man, a joker, a gentle soul - Hector is not. A tough killer who prefers to wierd an axe and is excellent with explosives - this is the most accurate description of this versalite person. No one knows why he joined ATOM. However, this is no longer important. An excellent soldier and a great performer - he is in the right place at the right time.

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