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Free hack Original Robot War cheats code list - gold, rank up, fragments, promo ticket, parts, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Original Robot War cheat world: dear commander, here is new soldiers' training ground! I'm your assistant cheat-on. After choosing mecha, it will the blue area where this mecha can move to, and red attack lock round. We can decide our operation by battle strategy. Click the attack lock round, and then you will make an attack.

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It will appear an letter E after attack, and it means this mecha can't be used again in this round. Please open R&D centre. Click hack to up the item in your beg. Diamonds R&D once will be free every 24 hours. Click the confirm to take hero into your mecha barn. Click battle attack to choose instance. Let's begin at common instance 1-2. Don't forget to save the team after setting it.

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There is a sign on the right of the blood strand. It will show you the category of this mecha. Wukong belongs in defensive mecha. So its sign is a yellow shield. And the sign of offensive mecha is a red sword. The sign of auxiliary mecha is a green leaf. Wukong can attack enemy 3 grids away, so they can attack enemy without moving.

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Besides, if you don't want to operate mechas to fight, you can click all waiting to end this round. Defense mechas can move four grids each time, while the attack mechas can move two grids each time. Find mecha equipmen in the menu on the right to open equipment interface. Click this blank frame to choose appropriate equipment. "armor", "engine", "assist device" can get from common instance.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: When the red point appears, you can get abundant task awards. If you don't know what to do, you can check the tasks which are not finished. Pay attention to the defense type of strong live shell in the tech lab. Sign in everyday to obtain a lot of mechas for free in each month. The higher the ranking of warfare, the richer the daily rewards.
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Tutorial Original Robot War(wiki): Using experience card can increase mecha experience fast. All common mechas can be upgraded to super ones. Training pilot will strenthen the mecha. Instance can engage friendly army placed by the alliance. Through purchase of a month card you can get diamonds rewards each day.
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