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game story: Thirty years ago, a young girl was infatuated with love, regardless of the opposition of the family insisted on marrying York, the man she fell in love at first sight. Cursed, perhaps, for disobeying the family’s will, their two children are “bound” together. Right, conjoined twins, which in traditional thinking is considered ominous. They kept the secret until their children grew up.
She never forgot the night when her children were captured and executed by fanatical religious gangs. Endless pain tormented her day and night, and the seed of hatred germinated in her heart. She could not forgive her potential husband, much less those who had killed her children, and hse vowed to make them pay the price! AFter that, she returned to the family business, and hoped to finally be given the final rites to coversion and became a Necromancer.

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Renata has much to do to accomplish her plan. But that doesn’t worry her, she has practiced a lifetime of meticulous planning to get where she is. The first phase of this plan is to reach Owo, and to begin a campaign to covert the splendorous tribes of the living into her subjugated armies of the dead.
The orcs of Bullhorn Tribe living on Owo have long been known for their ferocity, intractability and hatred for strangers of any race. Conquering these barbarians will not be an easy job, but nothing could be a better alternative to these cheap creatures as a new force in the undead army. Renata now unleashes her legions of Undead into the lands of the Orcs to begin the hunt. A bloody slaughter is not the only way, by seizing the Orc controlled villages may be bettler.

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Combat mechanism: combat consists of two phases:deployment and execution. In the deployment stage, players need to set commands for each unit within a limited time. After that, they will execute in order according to the position and speed. If one of the party’s heroes dies or escapes, or when the turn count runs out, the battle ends. In combat, defense can greatly reduce your army losses, and may intercept enemy attacks on units behind you.
Attack range: in combat, melee units can only attack the first row of enemies, ranged heroes can attack the first two rows of enemies, and flying soldiers can attack all opponents. You can only attack the enemies hero if he is the only unit in the first row.
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The game map comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. For a double layer map, you can switch through entrances. This game supports up to 6 players online, which ensure in the same lan. The host must be always running, and the client may reconnect to it if the line is break. In corps detail or exchange, you can do something by dragging and dropping objects.
High units are only to be recruited by a corresponding level of heroes, so a quick upgrade to your hero is the key to win.

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