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Orwell Keeping an Eye on You Game story: you’re online, good. I will be your adviser on Orwell. Together we will form both the first and the last line of defense agains terrorism. For this test phase you are one of the first people to try out the Orwell system under real circumstances. Selected from thousands of applicants from across the globe. Normally congratulations would be in order, but as you can see from that footage, there has been an incident. So let’s get started.

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I’ve activated the reader tool for you. Its purpose is storing bookmarks to online websites and documents for easy access, and to highlight when there is new information to be investigated. First i want you to be informed of the situation. Our leading newspaper, the national beholder, will bring you up to speed. Feel free to browse the national beholder. Return to the home screen once you’re done.
You now have access to the profiler. Its purpose is to hold and present all the data you have uploaded on those we investigate. I will add an empty profile to the profiler, open it.

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The blue haired woman that the CCTV footage shows before the assault is no stranger to the police.As of yet we do not have any data on her stored in Orwell. Let us copy some from her arrest record. I will add it to your reader. Tap and drag the target person’s name from the police database onto the profiler below to upload them. Now do the same with her picture. Note that images can only be dragged by the handle icon in the upper left corner. Pictures and names are crucial information for Orwell to identify a person. Information in documents can only become a datachunk when it can clearly be assigned to a target person. Add the reason for Miss Watergate’s prior arrest that has just been unlocked. We will need this info to progress. With the data you extracted from the police record, a new document can now be accessed.
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Now, let me ask you a question. Do you believe in coincidence? I do not. Find data revealing where she attacked the police officer and you will see what i mean. You have extracted all the info i already knew about miss Watergate. Starting now, i’m going into this case blind. The orwell ethical codes dictates that investigators - like yourself - are the only ones allowed to access the documents of target persons. Advisers like me only get to see the data provided by the investigators. We will then draw conclusions and request action.

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