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OSS Order of the Seventh Sphere cheat world: Grandhorn kingdom was facing utter destruction by Belphegor. The power of chaos sphere broke the six mega spheres and exploded widely. It destroyed the land in Cronosia and Grandhorn kingdom to ruins. Without the mega shperes, Belphegor could not live any longer. It returns to its dimension of Pandora to recover itself. Megaira who had been slain. Her body was together dragged into the dreadful dimension with no return in sight.

OSS Order of the Seventh Sphere hack

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Spheres, the powerful inventions originated from the legacy of the goddess GAIA. It's called factor stones. The remaining power lefover after the creation of the world. Based on the six elements of earth, water, wind, fire, light and darkness. In connection with Gaia, the stones could be transformed into magical spheres. Humans had obtained spheres and learned to use their abilities and magic. They battled against the demon race with it and brought prosperity to the human race. Until humanity was led away by pride, wrath and greed. Spheres were then misused for spreading terror and war.

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One day, the mighties power, even more powerful than GAIA's was found. the 7th element. Factor stones of chaos. When the chaos sphere was finally created, it startled the world. Its massive power was used for ending the terrors and now the stry has become legendary. People foresaw the threat if it fell into the wrong hands. The fate moticates new age adventurers to set out in search for the chaos sphere.
Characters: Magnus - the brave and young energetic warrior. A boy who is hall demon race. He becomes and adventurer for growing up to be a warrior like his father. Also, he's looking for lost brother in blackmond kingdom. Warrior - protect your allies with defensive skills.

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Oswin - the arrogant and noble mage. Who is the top grade of mage academy. He's wanting to know the tru purpose of the magical union. Where his father is a senator. The group that had experimented his young sister with a forbidden sphere. Mage - annihilate the field of battle with destructive magic. Wolfram - the silen ranger boy. A child who were accidentaly seperated from his family. He had been adopted by the nymph of forest and been separated from the society. He has become a mercenary after his residence was invaded. Ranger - enchant your oparty natural supporting abilities. Gai - the independent assassin. A child who had been struggling among a poverty stricken land. He joined the mass group of assasination who's taking orders from Roshan empire. Assassin - swiftly strike an opponent's weak spot.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: let's begin the journey. To move forward, you can tap on move button on the lower right side. Along the journey, we usually encounter battle events. All enemies have their own each unique elemen type. Choose spheres wisely to combat their type and increase damage. After a battle, items are sometimes obtained. YOu can check them by pressing the Sack icon. Lets talk about movement. You will skip through some events if you roll a number greater that the event square. Some events have a halt sign. This means you cannot skip through them. YOu will autoamtically enable this event.

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Tutorial OSS Order of the Seventh Sphere (wiki): wear stylish clothes to stand out. New set of clothes are available in the costume shop. Go to alchemy to fuse ability sphere. COmpass is a junction that guides you through separated paths or merging paths. Passage gate transfer you to another unseen area. Watch out, spike traps are ahead. But look closely, there is a treasure chest amongst them. Use a wing boot - this allows you to choose what move number you want. Don't forget to bring potions or food for your aid.

OSS Order of the Seventh Sphere hacked

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