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Otherworld Legends redeem codes

I will be your guide to the Mirage club. Theoretically speaking, you are not in the human realm anymore. You are summoned here by Asurendra. This is the Mirage created by Asurendra. You may need a min to process. Gotta earn your way back to your world, kiddo. There is no other option, follow me. Open treasure chest - thunder elf: chance to summon lightning on hit.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Character Akaisha - a legendary archer from Elfland, Akaisha is an expert at beating enemies from afar. Skills: Arrow rain - launch a volley of arrows falling from the sky to hit enemies in the circular area in the front. Leprechaun - throw out a toy leprechaun that draws enemies into its swirl. Rapid shot - hold the skill button to fire arrows in quick succession. Arrows regenerate when the skill is not activated.
cheat, Step #2: Hero Quan Huying - a kungfu girl, she inherited secrets of the oriental fighting arts. She has developed a variety of combat skill to cope with ever changing fierce fights. She is noted for her health and tremendous punching power. Skills: tiger charge - perform a powerful palm thrust that knocks back enemies. Shadow strike (passive) - an shadow duplicate occurs and doubles the normal attack.
Otherworld Legends code, Step #3: Unit Ginzo - a swordsman from a mysterious land, renowned for mastery of swords. With a keen eye for enemy weaknesses, Ginzo can perform fast and fatal attacks. Low health must keep an extra eye on surrounding threats. Skills: Hiken (shooting stars) - dash forward and perform a strong sweeping strike. Enemies hit will be stunned for a while.
Step #4: Character Oil - a genius in mechanics, Oli is able to collect parts during a fight to build many support weapons. SHe has relatively low health. Skills: ping pong gun - build an auto turret for 3 parts.
Gerald Quentin - a knight from Montargis, he is heavily armored and equipped with a shield. Though cannot evade attack, he moves among enemies with ease with his powerful defense. Skills: War mass - Quentin surrounds himself with a halo that heals allies and hurts enemies within its radius.

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