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Where do you think we are? You maggot! You have been trapped in outlaw for committing crimes. Train your mind while you are here. That is the only way you can go back home. Yes, it’s a real battle! I’ll teach you how to battle step by step. Normal attacks are fired automatically. Move by dragging. Use spell , take note that you can accumulate spells and use them in succession! If you tap and press on a projectile type spell, you will be able to see the spells trajectory.

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I’ve taught you the basics controls, so try attacking the enemies on the other side. Victory rewards: creature points, pack summoning stone and class point. You seem to be getting the hang of it. You can acquire card packs using the pack summoning stones given to you after a battle. Shall we try opening one? You can obtain new spells by opening card packs and use hack cheat codes. Now that you have obtained new spells, i’ll show you how to equip it. Take note that you can drag and drop the spells you want to switch around. Try using the newly acquired spells in battle.

OutLaw cheats, hack codes

1. YShd82 - level up
2. B7VNOH - voucher
3. 11RCYD - shard
4. tGHRIt - free stat point
5. AWFE5i - characters tier list SSS

Spells tier list: Summon missile - summons a wand that fires homing missiles to attack opponents. Perfect for attacking frozen opponents.
Destruction ray - is fired in a straight line, preventing the opponents from having the time to think. It is one of the easiest spells to use.
Plasma field - creates a plasma field around the caster, blocking spells from enemy. Debuff spells cannot be blocked.
Poison arrow - fires 4 poison arrows on the target area. When hit by poison arrows, the affected target loses HP for a certain duration.
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You’re following quite well, i’ll open a card pack slot for you as a reward. Don’t forget that you can receive more rewards the more slots you have available. Now only yhe battle with yourself remains. By overcoming this battle, you will be able to fight no matter who the opponent is. Challenge yourself in mode play. Reaching the tap rankings will guarantee great rewards. Now a creature will appear and help you in your battles. If you use them wisely they will give you an edge over your opponents. First, try to destroy your opponent’s creature. if you destroy your opponent’s creature, it will drop useful items for you to use.

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Hack cheats tutorial OutLaw (wiki):
The power up item will increase your damage, and the speed up item will increase your movement speed. Power up items change after a certain period of time. Quickly get the tiem that you want. The special move gauge fills up when your dodge is successful or when you get hit. When the special move gauge is filled up, you can cast special moves that can turn the tables around.
You face stronger opponents as your class increases, but your spells get better as well. The spells below each class are obtainable once the class is reached, so make sure to check them out. You can also purchase the things you need with code gold and rubies. npWPVM - shooting pack
rSd3GK - legendary card
dKfMNy - special offer
4O0m7K - evolve
Hack Hmiyse - artifacts
Cheat 7ud5Af - evade
QiXCJD - elite ticket. ejYgNA - exchange code
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