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Welcome to Cocoa planet! Our home is being attacked by machine legion from the universe. Hope you can lead us to knock them down! The enemy is attacking as we are talking! We have to protect the main fort from being attacked by enemy! Click the card of conveyor and let's fight!
Pay attention to the time passing as fighting. If the time is over 4 minutes, it will cause tha main fort to be damaged.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Don’t worry! If we can’t fight as fast as possible, offer a card that can reverse the situation for intervals after three minutes. We arrange meat unit to defense enemy’s attack. A number of enemies appear. Arrange the remote unit to support at back. Arrange my buddy during spare time, he runs very fast! It’s helpful to attack the enemy’s main fort.
cheat, Step #2: Here are 2 routes. Change the attach route with clicking bottom left button. The enemies have appeared on each route! Knock them down! Let’s try the advanced fighting. Number labeled the lower right corner of card, the same used number card can be applied. It’s very important. Swipe up to save cards by pressing the card based on the situation; it will be helpful to combat as using at the right time.
Output Pasture code, Step #3: The enemies have appeared! Knock them down with skills. Let’s introduce the combination! Some parts of roles have the ability to combine with certain roles. You can find notes if observing roles introducing carefully. You can practice as the enemies appear. As the doctors and wounded are on the conveyor belt, click one of the 2 cards to be combined!
Step #4: Even the single role is very weak, it may have various changes to go with other cards. Let’s introduce how to use money bomb. The money gained from fighting victory is not only to purchase cards but support the attack on the whole map as fighting. That’s all for rookie instructions! Hope you can knock down mechanical legion!

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