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Free hack Outward cheats code list - legendary weapon, stamina, gold, promo ticket, silver, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Outward cheat world: all my life, i’ve lived within the safety of Cierzo, spared the brutality of the world outside. But life in Aurai is never that easy. For all the safety that my tribe provides, our laws are harsh. We are judged not as individuals, but as bloodlines. The failures of my bloodline weigh heavy on me. My grandmother brought ruin to our tribe long ago, bringing a heavy blood price upon my family. We’ve paid the debt caused by her actions ever since.

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I joined an expedition across the sea with my old friend Yzan, hoping the money made there would be enough to clear my debts. This was a mistake. I’m lucky to still be breathing after our ship hit rocks on the return voyage. Now, i have no choice but to pick myself up yet again and face the wild, untamed land outside the walls. I must carve out my own future, or die trying.

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Blocking prevents all damage from melee attack, but cost stamina. Shields can block arrows and the like, but you cannot block magical blasts.
You can play along with people in your friend list! try the multiplayer, either in split screen or online. Look at the maps, as exterior regions are huge. Important landmarks have icons, and hovering your cursor on them will show their names.

Outward wiki
Manual recipe - is used to make single ingredient recipes, such as grilled meat, or to boil river water into clean water. Or to create a dish with several ingredients, whose recipe you don’t known yet! You can retake the cooking Pot from the fire, to use on your next campfire.

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  • You can drop and pick up backpacks with a button or by using the inventory menu. Your compass will point to your last used backpack, making it easier to find back.
  • Sleep heals tiredness, max health and max stamina, but reduces your max mana.
  • Resting Guard - each hour spent guarding reduces the chance of ambush while resting.

Outward tips
    Tutorial Outward(wiki) :
  • Each city has several merchants, either directly outside or inside buildings. They will sell food, equipment and crafting recipes, in addition to selling goods related to their city's specialties.
  • Specific tools are needed to gather some resources. Mineral ores require a mining pick and fishing spots need a fishing harpoon.
  • Food rots with time. Eat or cook your food before it goes to waste.

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