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1. fUnrxGvAh5 - lucky box
2. lphOuJFHW5 - credits
3. 74T3SSj8LM - secret mode
4. 2vUhIJHzSc - credits
Basic armor: a brand most known for their military grade products. They have a whole series of test suites made with new technologies.
Beast - a brand made from the sturdiest materials. Their products may be heavy. Their products may be heavy, but you can rely on them fro defensive purposes.
New East - a brand that believes in the beauty of harmony. Known for using only the finest quality eastern fabrics.
D-company - a brand for assassins with a proud history of 100 years. For the swift and silent.


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Basic weapon: 1H sword - the sword and shield have always been a warrior’s best friend.
1H mace - the weapon features moderate weight and impact.
Dual sword - fling a flurry of attacks using a pair of swift blades.
Giant swords - this weapon is good at doing one thing: obliterating enemies.
Giant mace - it seems too big and heavy to wield, but it sure can deliver a devastating blow to its enemies.
Halberd - you can use this weapon to sweep wide areas.
Staff - wielders of this weapon can utilize the light weight with elegant attacks.

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1. N4QaH9DPDd - level up
2. 78i2Goazts - voucher
3. 0AGkl3pmOT - shard
4. 8CV5Reiv9L - premium loot
5. f81f9Qw6ZU - tokens

OVERDOX hack month card
Move the joystick to move around the field. Tap the dash button to move quickly. Move the joystick and reach the designated location. You can earn credits by smashing the containers on front of you. Shall we try breaking one of the containers open with the attack button? You’ve earned currency that can be used during combat. The credits you’ve acquired can be used to purchase items and open the final stage gate.
You can block an opponent’s attack by utilizing the block button. You can also parry incoming attacks. When an opponent attacks, tap the block button at just the right moment and you will get a chance to strike back. If an enemy is parried, they will not be able to move for a brief moment. Parrying requires skill, but the payoff is great. Mastering block and parry will help you greatly during combat. Try using your combat skills to defeat the monster. By defeating monsters, you can acquire credits, and also increase your weapon level with a fixed chance.

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1 OI8RtnwMeg upgrade
2 ye44kCr4sb gem crystal
3 GjQfXlDhOH energy
4 dEq3bvR8U2 promo code
5 Q9H3zZWRKZ gift box
6 aTyBjTKlez gold coins
7 CxPz6dLtOL month card
8 MPhbfWtwWL premium pack
9 SgQVDQ1LmU hellion
10 wpYiYLo3oD vip ticket
11 HQRolH6TCU premium loot

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • From chests you can get items, orbs, and credits that will help you in combat.
  • Items will help you in combat and can be divided into two types: offense and defense. For example, the toxic mist generates a pool of poison and damages enemies that come upon it.
  • Credit shop - where you can buy various items that will help you in combat.
  • There are 3 types of orbs you can get from the field: health boost orb, weapon level and health recovery. Use hack cheats code or gather credits and try purchasing various items from the credit shop.

Hack cheats tutorial OVERDOX(wiki):
To open the final stage, you must pay 100 credits. It seems you are short credits. Always remember to save some credits for the final stage. Generating - here are some credits to get you through session. Use it to open the final stage gate - is where the remaining players fight until there’s only one left standing. YOu must defeat the opponent in front of you.
Modes: friendly match - play again your friends. Supports up to 4 players.
Normal mode - this is a rela time PvP mode that supports 12 players.
Challenge mode - pay the entry fee and jump into battle! Winner gets 3x the rewards. The challenge mode that features a huge prize pool opens once a week.
OVERDOX tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards OVERDOX: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, energy.

Each weapon has a defining unique skills. If you are lucky, boxes will contain a free pass to the final stage.
Well? What do you think? I have a strong feeling that you will become a champion. Here you will go up against 12 other players and fight to the end until there is only one person left standing.
Before the game starts, let’s take a look around. There are various elements that you can use to your advantage.
Collect battle stars as you play the game and get various rewards. Purchase the battle pass and get crystals of additional rewards.
OVERDOX tips to repair
Wamp device - that can send you to different locations on the map. In a normal game, you will need to hack 30 credits to use this device.
Universal status device - that applies its effect on the entire map. use the device to turn the tide and become the victory! The universal status device can only be activated at fixed intervals. Check the map to see if it has activated before using it.
When the Veil closes in, all surviving players that make it to the final stage will fight until there’s only one player standing. Do your best and become the champion. OVERDOX Activation code:
1. P22WTmCBOf
2. knuJtO1RAI
3. NOdZz4H6cO
4. PzSXMxwR5p
5. y9aUJU8WqV

3. 59YfszYAmi

1. 22KtjIE6yE
2. TRv3bmlYMA
3. mk64kolx2M

OVERDOX Game info:
  • 1 buff effect will be applied when you activate a buff device. The higher the level of the buff device, the better the buff effect will be. The level of a buff device will automatically go up after a short period once activated.
  • Box contains items and credits that you will find useful on the battlefield. high level boxes have a higher chance to contain better items. A box may be empty as somebody may have already used it.
  • Warp device - you can use to move to other parts of the map. It will cost you 30 credits to warp in a normal game. Pick a destination among the marked locations on the screen.
  • The universal status device - activates effects that cover the whole map. universal status devices can only be used at certain times. You can activate a universal device by standing in the vacinity of one.
There are various elements in the battlefield such as monster, codes, hack cheat tools engine, and hushes. Use them to your advantage. how and where enter
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