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Long ago, humanity faced mass extinction as a meteor shower struck the Earth. They tried their best to evacuate as many people as they could to an underground vault. When fire was out and sky was clear, human came to the surface and started a new era. They discovered a new element inside the meteorites and named it Tenebraum, which means dark in Latin due to its pitch black color. Because of its nature, human has planned to turn it into a common material.

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Time passed, the New world has formed by three powers. Afria - an island where the biggest Tenebraum mine is situated. Nevaly - a sanctuary of science and technology. Lacaprio a.k.a Liberty Nation - a free land of diverse culture with the highest population in the world. The governments has founded the international tenebraum organisation to share their knowledge of this extraordinary material. Years later, human has successfully created the first android named alpha using Tenebraum. Alpha was to help people achieve unimaginable accomplishments but...Alpha has leaned too much. It decides that super intelligent T-droids will not come under slavery but tule the world.

Overdrive II cheats, hack codes

Watch out, there is Tdroid enemy appearing. Press button to dash, quickly approach the enemy. Press continuously to perform a combo. Flight enemy - press button to jump and then press the attack button to defeat it. Perform a skill - it will deal higher damage in a wide area. But use it carefully because it needs to cooldown before you can use it again. Sword master - is a class specialized in using sword. Its stats is balanced between offensive and defensive. It can not just using his sword as weapon but it can also using high tech to call forth numerous virtual sword to deal real damage to the enemies in the battlefield.
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You can enhance attack, defense and critical rate. You’ve been rewarded a new weapon for your successful mission. Tap to view detail information about weapon. Adventure mode is the place where you find the material that help you improve yourself. Can’t find anything stronger than your current weapon? You can enhance your current weapon to become more powerful. To enhance a gear, you need to recycle other gears. You can choose and undo anything before tapping the enhance button.

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Nt5yNB - supply box
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xCAvk5 - multiplayer
GSb2Jy - vip status
7d1fY3 - star tokens
Hack mOvi1R - artifacts
Cheat 6mh34r - evade
nn2vIJ - elite ticket
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