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Welcome to new world! I’m cheat-on, a member of the blackwings. I’m here tp get you up to speed. In Overhit, combat is key, so let’s start with the basics of battle. First up, regular attacks. Heroes performs these automatically when it’s their turn.
Next, we have skills, which are special abilities unique to each hero. TO activate a skill, tap the skill icon beneath a hero’s portrait.
There are 3 skill types: attack recovery, and support. Long press a skill icon to see its description. You can even check during battle. Make sure you understand your heroes’ skills before using them.

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Skill are powerful, but they have a cooldown period, so you can’t chain them. Guess that means you’d better make every skill count. If a hero is performing an action when you tap the skill icon, they will perform it after the action is complete. That will let you present up to 3 skills you want to use. Might want to keep that in mind.

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After winning a battle, you get experience for your heroes, as well as some rewards. You can earn Arn, equipment, and even other heroes.
Chapter info - you’ll find more info on the battle are here. That includes which enemies will appear, along with their grade and type. Use this knowledge tp gain the upper hand. Below that, you can see the rewards for winning. You can’t earn all rewards at once, so you might need to repeat a fight to get what you want. You can also earn a one time only star reward for completing these conditions.
Overhit wiki
Prepare for battle: organize your battle lines here. Okay, let’s create a new team. Keep in mind what we learned about the enemy. The first thing is leader skills. These buffs are applied to all team members when a high grade hero is in charge. Your team’s combat style and effective combinations change according to your leader. Remember to check your leader skills frequently and build your team around them.
Hero select - this shows all the characters you can set as team members.

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  • TO change your team's formation, access formation settings. You can position heroes in the front, middle, or back rows. The front row is more vulnerable to attack, so it's a good idea to place heroes with high HP and defense there.
    Yuri is a mage who specializes in recovery, so she should stay towards the back.
  • There's a number of ways for heroes to get more powerful, but leveling up is the most common. You could level up now using the experience from the battle, but let me show you an even fasten way. Main menu - lot of icons, right? We'll use them to get stronger eventually, but for now, just open the level up menu> hero details screen. You can see a hero's stats and skill information, change their equipment, and use different features to make them stronger.
    To truly understand a hero, understanding info and features is a must. Sounds overwhelming, but don't worry! You'll be a master in no time!
  • To level upa hero, you need to use another hero as material. See how the stats increased along with the hero's level? That's what it means to level up!

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Hack cheats tutorial Overhit(wiki):
  • Gacha shop - here you can purchase powerful heroes and equipment. The hero gacha lets you use dimension gems to summon all sorts of heroes.
  • Test your mettle in the arena! Take command of an assortment of heroes and battle to the end.
  • Put together a team with the elemental types that give you an edge in battle. Be sure to take elemental types into account when selecting friend heroes.
  • There are four different regions in terra shift. In mechant's treasure, you can earn lots of Arn. Visit Mystic's warehouse to find lots of jade for improving your hero grades.
    Warrior's armory is where you can get better equipment and jade. Finally, there are also hero battles, where you can earn of EXP.
    The region you can access change from day to day, so you won't be able to try everything at once. Also, you can only Terra shift twice a day, so make sure you don't miss a chance to enter.
  • Terra shift has different difficulty levels, too: normal, elite, expert, and master. They can only be accessed in this order.

Overhit tutorial

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Celesta - an archer in the leven kingdom’s diamond court, Celesta grew up in a part of the forest only inhabited by women. As such, she is alittle ignorant of the ways of the world and unused to dealing with men. Malpion of the Onyx Court in particular has a tendency to get on her bad side, and the two of them often clash.
Helena - queen of Partia and keeper of the Coral Spire. Helena always maintains a calm disposition, egardless, the nobility know better than to defy the ruler known as the queen of blood and iron. She is unmarried and is not related to Crown prince Angelo by blood.
Colette - the 149 year old “heretic witch” who studied forbidden arts and perfected an eternal youth spell, Colette fought the conclave 50 years ago as a member to the first blackwings. Now she has found new allies and set off on another adventure to finish the fight once and for all.
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