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Overwatch ANA cheat world: Enough one of the highest skill floor heroes in overwatch. Tip number one: no went to scope unlike Widowmaker ana is capable of quick scoping, and this is obviously extremely powerful. Also something you might want to practice that is only possible for Ana's and not widow-makers is quick scoping basically. What you do is zoom in until you just get into scoped mode, and then shoot, and release the scope. Again this helps you in a few ways. First you have a better view of the whole battle between shots which will make it possible for you to find a target other than the one you're looking at.

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However what many Ana players do not consider is that scoped shots leave a visible trail and Telegraph your position to enemies this might not always be a problem, but against an enemy dive comp with Ganges. And Winston's prioritizing left clicks from the back lines will result in you drawing far less attention to yourself scoping has its place like for when healing smaller targets like trissur. But if you really want to fly under the enemy's radar holding back on this scope can be a lifesaver.

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tip number two: nano boosting. Off targets comboing nano is grit, but you may find yourself holding onto nano for too long. All the guy you were hoping to cabo with randomly, and uselessly whizzed this ultimate without you try spending the Nano on a teammate who is charging a powerful ultimate. So they can build it super rapidly a high energies area is an amazing choice if she's still building a graviton. So we're somewhere close to dragon it was someone close to grab.
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ANA tip number three: animation cancel. Your reloads this is a small tip not to mention being high risk and low reward, but if you were all about optimizing your hannah gameplay to the absolute max use your bio need to cancel your reload animation at the exact moment your ammo is replenished you will spend exactly the same amount of time reloading the only difference being of course you get to cancel the reload animation early, and land a grenade in the process. This can also be done with a melee hit when Julie enemy flank is at close range. Of course if you mess this up well you are risking death for the sake of saving a very small amount of time. So definitely don't try this in comp unless you've a super confident that you can pull it off every time.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: tip number four: Anna should avoid dueling Widowmaker at all costs, not only does Anna have better things to do like healing her teammates, but she's also simply not cut out for chilling Widowmaker. Simply put widow can take out an ax in worn headshot, and this is not difficult if the Anna is moving slowly. While scoped in Anna on the other hand will always take three shots to bring down the Widowmaker, and this the odds are usually gonna be stacked against them. This is like one of the best positions to the players honor in my opinion.
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Overwatch ANA tutorial (wiki): tip number 5: nano Aang to save, and Ally Nana boost is amazing when used in a combo, and as we talked about earlier it is great for helping a teammate. Build a powerful old however the least common, but still super strong use for Nano is reducing incoming damage if you spot one of your teammates. Usually a tank is about to take a ton of damage that you won't be able to heal hit him with the Nano to reduce his damage taken by 50%, and by your frontline sometime it could make the difference between holding the door, and not holding the door - and we all know how that ends.

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