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Overwatch Zenyatta cheat world: Sunyata is a powerhouse in a peaceful disguise he really gets the spotlight, or gets to make big flashy plays. But he wins games, and has existed in the background of the meta since. We're going to cover five tips tricks, and general strategies to boost your sunyata player. Tip number one: countering the Reinhardt pin discord orb is super effective against bulky targets like Reinhardt, and his transcendence is he pretty good counter to the earth shatter, however even trans can't out heal. A warn shot from Ryan has charge which you will often do after shattering a bunch of your teammates, but thanks to the move speed bonus. and immunity granted by transcendence. What you can do is move in to take the pin yourself. This requires you to be ready, and watching the enemy Ryan had very closely.

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You can also use transcendence the block Reinhardt Penn save it an ally through being scorched since. Nothing happens if you get pinned while invincible, you can also use chance to dodge somber EMP which would normally be deadly to the sunyata. Himself if successful you might just save one of your squishy teammates from a guaranteed death, of course the likelihood that your teammates will even realize your genies play is exceedingly low, but such as the noble life of a Xenia to men.

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tip number two: you are immobile this is more of a fact of life, or a general rule for Zen - he has zero escape tools, and on top of that no tricks like bio need, or Lucio's boob to help him if he gets caught in a bad spot. Especially when defending positioning yourself at the back of your team isn't quite enough, try thinking about where the nearest health packs are located, and fall back to them when you get doable now here, and so aggressive towards no point. I understand you want to get the kill, but as the support it's your job to survive, so what you should be doing, and some aggressing towards him. You should be backing up towards the mega, and to cover from the Widowmaker, and that we have some accrued ashes on you. You should be further back and letting your tanks, given point being hyper aware, and being able to drop back to a mega pack, and heal to full during a jewel against a tracer, or a Winston gives you a free lifeline when your back is to the wall.
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tip number three: is a quick one, and linked back to what we just talked about train your awareness game sense, and awareness are key skills on most supports in overwatch. But on Zen who are awareness can get you killed in seconds less even if one of our enemies are able to sneak up on you even sitting on a mega health pack probably won't be enough to save you. You need to see them coming, keep track of where they are at all times, and a juice where you're standing before it's too late, and you get flanked. Try to be the hive mind in your game and be the most aware player on the map.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: This tip number four: the right kick combo even with perfect positioning the chances of being collapsed on by a tracer Winston, or Deva at some point in your games are staggeringly high, and your right click all bullies are your first line of defense, but you may not know is that. You can cancel the animation of your old volley with Emily hit saving you some time, and landing you an extra Nook of damage in those close-up fights. Another thing about Xin Yana is his right-click also is a burst fire, which can also be counseled with the kick to get an additional 30 damage for people up close to you. This is an awesome trick to keep in mind, and practice. Just remember to use your kick after you, and leash the old bully using the kick before the volley is unleashed will cancel the volley entirely, and likely result in a swift painful, and well-deserved death in a real match.
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Overwatch Zenyatta tutorial (wiki): tip number 5: healing orb priorities. It can be tempting to switch your harmony orb every two seconds as your team is melting right in front of your eyes seemingly imperfect, and disastrous unison. And there are times like when trying to solve Oh heal that. This can be okay however in the eyes of your harmony orb not all heroes are equal your flank. Is like Genji do fist, and tracer, and other highly mobile heroes like Farah, and excellent default targets for your healing - all these heroes are naturally evasive meaning even if a couple of enemies attacking them they're likely going to have a very very hard time taking them down if your Hammurabi is doing work since the orb doesn't fade away. Either we should replace our flankers before a fight starts so they can go in who asked the enemies without having to worry about their health, that much since they're constantly regenerating it prime orb targets would be tracers, and Genji's since they're extremely mobile, and they can dodge your on the battlefield effectively, and let the orb heal them extremely well in the middle of a fight. Since enemies are more likely to miss Ganges, or tracers slim hitbox apply your healing orb on the flankers if no one else needs it, and while the Genji dragon blade play of the game is rolling.

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