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After escaping from the Philippines aboard a PT boat in March 1942, General Mac Arthur famously declared “i shall return”. That time has now come. Following devastating defeats at sea and in the air, Imperial Japanese forces have been driven back across the entire theatre and Allied forces are beginning to close in on Japan itself. Your goal is to lead the US 6th Army to liberate the Philippines from Japanese control.
When you first start a campaign, you will see each team’s objectives at the bottom of the screen. You can check your objectives any time by tapping the objectives button in the top left corner.

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Drag the map around to scroll, and pinch to zoom. Important locations are shown as small red or blue circles on the map. Red circles are Japanese bases and blue circles are allied. The forces present at each base are represented by red and blue icons around the circle. Tap a base to select it. Select the allied base in the Mariana islands to continue. With the base selected, you can see more information about the forces here. use the ground, AIR, and sea buttons to view the units at this base. Tap an infantry division to continue. The move button at the bottom of the map allows you to give orders to the selected units. Ground forces only have one type of order available - move. This commands the unit to move to the target base and attack any enemy forces present. You can issue orders to multiple units at once. Tap unit to select them, tap again to deselect. Select at least 4 divisions, then tap the move order button to continue.

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Tap Leyte (the Japanese base in the middle of the Philippines) to order the selected divisions to launch an invasion. Unsupported infantry divisions will struggle to defeat entrenched defenders and will take heavy casualties. The key to victory in the pacific is strategic use of aircraft and warships to support your ground forces. Tap the Air tab to view allied squadrons based in the Mariana islands.
Many different types of aircraft are represented in pacific fire, from biplanes of fighter jets. When planning operations it is important to understand the capabilities of the aircraft under your command.
In general, fighters are fast, maneuverable aircraft designed to destroy enemy aircraft; dive bombers and torpedo bombers are typically best for attacking ships, while level bombers carry the most ordnance and are best for bombing ground forces. You can see more detailed information about any unit (ground, air, or sea) by tapping and holding the unit icon.
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Here you can see the full statistics of the unit. Understanding what types of weapons an aircraft carries and its performance can help you optimise mission planning. For example, aircraft carrying torpedos will be significantly more effective against ships, and faster aircraft will eb more effective at intercepting enemy bombers.
Air units have 4 types of missions available. Rebase orders the squadron to relocate to another base. Squadrons can relocate by sea transport, so this order is not limited by the aircraft’s range. The other orders instruct the squadron to attack enemy units - CAP (combat air patrol) to attack aircraft, ground strike to attack troops, Naval strike to attack warships. Squadrons with no orders will defend their base or carrier.

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