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Welcome, hero! Here is the world of sword and magic. I know it is unlike your world. Pakapow has been peace in the realm for people. Until the monsters came and attack our people that can’t resist them. We summoned you from another world to ask to defeat that devil. Why we summon you? Because you come from another world. So, your power stronger than us that live in this world.
And some hero may have some hidden special power that easier to fight with monster.

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From now on, i’m going to assign the Angel to guide you. Move to anywhere on the map. Player have to rotate the compass. Need 1 energy to rotate 1 time. Regen 1 energy every 5 minutes. Castle - if you lose for the battle will be teleport here. Or if you checkpoint at the Church will be respawn at there instead. After you save the village for the Devil. YOu can rest and manage town for reward.

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1. BXyZgLKk4t - level up
2. IV8garDCji - voucher
3. ORUKvNeVVJ - shard
4. 7QCXfmtuJh - weapon
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PaKaPow hack month card
Gift shop - this shop just sell items that useful for battle like: potion, compass, etc. Weapon shop - can increase your status. You can buy weapons, upgrade weapons and craft a special weapon.
Magic shop - you can learn some magic at here for battle.
Church - is a excellent healing place, also your status at here. Card selection - select a card when you fight with a monster.
PaKaPow wiki
Player can select 1 of 2 card. If the selected card is a red card, you can first attack. One turn player and enemy are taking turns to attack 1 time. When this round finished. Next round player have to select a card again. For player us player system will select card intead.
Attack and defend: some kind of attack are weak against some kind of defend. If you defend the related attack, can decrease more receive damage from attack.

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5 a0SAYAZcOy gift box
6 rM92WUGn7v gold coins
7 5cPb9OKBBo month card
8 fcjZoKm7qm premium pack
9 cLXTLR5MKH hellion
10 d23pTEIKcy vip ticket
11 WG4bqhFt58 weapon

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Mary shop is selling utility items such as spinner, potion, etc.
    When you have job level 9.You can change your job at the castle.
  • Counter can defend and counter attack strike, but there are weak point too. If enemy use another attack, counter player will receive damage more than normal.
  • Special skill may change your battle style. You can change special skill by upgrade jobs level for unlock skill.

PaKaPow tips
Hack cheats tutorial PaKaPow(wiki):
Magic player can learn it that suit your style from magic shop at anywhere in the Pawapow world. Magic attack defense need to use magic to defend.
Strike - it is attack that use all of power to attack. It’s made damage more than regular attack and magic.
But there are a risk too. If the enemy select counter when you use strike. You are in trouble. Except can’t make damage to enemy, also was counter attack (can’t dodge).
PaKaPow tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards PaKaPow: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, double roll.

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