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Cheat Paladin's Story Fantasy RPG hack android, ios code

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Hack Paladin's Story Fantasy RPG: cheat List
skill points x10 - use hack ssQtjlggb
artifact x1 - enter pass TCel1hBb3
game speed x10 - NFJ5liDC4
gold coins x5000 - HNOxgpyFN
gems x1000 - Od773gXXv
off ads - jLelv8cLz
Month Card x1 code - GGRJEEHrd
upgrade cheat - GXOKjEYzS
unlock PRO game - KHJmnhUAj
weekly gift bag x10 - L3MWEcCZe
secret combination - 7SDTWZjz1
level up - 6USNK4fUv
ad pass ticket - yZOM428yI
booster - FXL09uwH8
get bonus - 9wEgm0PmJ
special reward - YBFwHPpVe
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Welcome to my idyllic valley. I have a feeling that you're quite important to the destiny of the world. You seem a bit unsteady still. I will help you to find your way around. You found an item! Your enemies will tremble at the sight of this wooden sword. First, you should equip it, though. Open your inventory to do so. Click on the item to equip it. Now that you have this incredible sword, nothing can stand in your way! Argh, what's this? A creature actually dared to get into your way! Click on pest to fight it.
Paladin's Story Fantasy RPG Hack Basics
Tap on the right side of the screen to perform a light blow. after you've hit the enemy, tap again, to deal another blow. Block to decrease incoming damage. Press on the left side and hold as long as you want to block. Breal through the enemy’s block stance with a heavy attack. Press on the right side and hold it down until the attack is performed. Train your weapon skills to do more damage. Receive a blessing of the Elder and increase your life.
Hint & Tips
1. Pro - pay once and get access to all areas and pro features.
2. Use cheat - change the appearance of your character by equipping skins.
3. Watch a video to get your daily reward.
4. Buy a healing potion, restores 50% of your life immediately.
5. Buy an equipment chest. You get a random item.
6. Code SDES1 - score hit series for fame, reward chests and better merchant prices.
These are your skill trees. Press a "+" button to skill into a specific tree. To get more information about what you can expect from a skill treem click its icon. In addition to a passive stat increase (e.g. attack), for every 5 skill points spent you get a new skill. Click on the skill's icon to get a detailed description.
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Paladin's Story Fantasy RPG Redeem gift code
1. YUj0FZkVf7d6Zw1
2. 8T6zORFdOgTvB5N
3. UNKJ6I6axlOPKRg
4. 2xWlkauhhCeQ7GA
5. jmJ0Ydz4AuVTNoY
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date28 September 2020
Last Modified28 September 2020
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