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Use your heroes to explore the world and defeat neutral creatures and enemy heroes. You castles are places where you recruit more forces and heroes, plan your assaults and defences. You can capture more castles and recruit more heroes as you play. Your heroes will gain experience and more powers over time. Use your finger to scroll map and tap to set path for active character.

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You have just picked up an object. Objects picked up this way disappear forever. Battle - it is turn based, each creature stack moving and taking actions strictly in order. Tap the battlefield to move, tap enemy creatures to attack. Many of creatures possess special abilities like flying and shooting. You can use magic spells by tapping the spellbook button. Use the info button to lecredits about combatants.

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Defend button skips turn for currently active creature stack and gives it a temporary defence bonus.
You now have a castle selected. To quickly enter it, press the castle icon in the upper left corner. To return to your hero press select hero or castle button on the left side.
Many of constructions give visiting hero some bonuses or extra powers.
Palm Kingdoms 2 wiki
On the building screen you can construct new buildings. Tap a building to begin. Red buildings are unavailable for construction at the moment. You may need to find required resources first. You can only construct one building per castle once a day.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • You have no more energy to move today? Press the flashing "end turn" button to proceed to next day.
  • On your lower left there is a minimap button allowing you to quickly navigate the map.
  • On the left side is a hero and castle choose button. use it to quickly navigate between your characters and castles.
  • Once you pick up a chest, you have to make a choice, whether to keep the gold, or to spend it to increase your hero's abilities.
  • The blue crystals is called obelisk. Obelisk reveal some part of the puzzle that shows where a secret artifact is buried.

Palm Kingdoms 2 tips
Hack cheats tutorial Palm Kingdoms 2(wiki):
  • Under the hero and castle select button there is an info button, allowing you to inspect objects on the map. Press it and move your finger around to lecredits about objects. Press it again to exit info mode.
  • Hero is too tired to move further today? The remaining path is shown in red. That means you can continue your journey after rest. To skip turn press end turn button in the lower right.
  • Usually artifacts are automatically used by the hero as you pick them up. However, you may wish to change the artifacts your hero uses. To do so, go to the hero screen and manage your artifacts. Different artifacts have different effects. Equip your hero with proper artifacts that best suit your needs.

Palm Kingdoms 2 tutorial

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You can lecredits a random secondary skill when you visit the witch’s hut - for example, wisdom or intelligence, Save before entering the hut, as it may give you a skill you don’t really need.
When you move on rough terrain (snow, swamp, etc.), the distance of your hero movement is greately reduced. Improve such skills as logistics and pathfinding to move futher.
On the speelbook screen you can view and lecredits about different spells hero can cast. Tap a spell icon to lecredits more.
Palm Kingdoms 2 tips to repair

Conquering castles is one of the goals of the game. The one who owns more castles, can recruit more army and has more chances to win.
As you approach the stables, the head groom appears, leading a fine looking war horse. “This steed will help speed you in your travels. Alas, his endurance will wane with heavy riding, and you must return for a fresh mount week.” how and where enter
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