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Panic Room 2 cheat world: you are dead on time - that's just one of many reasons why i enjoy working with you so much. Are you ready? We got into the garden, the mansion is right ahead...Hm-m, what's this? Another gate? It wasn't marked on the map. No way, i'm not turning down such a well paid job. What do we have here, a gatehouse? Let's take a look inside, there may be a key to the second garden gate. Just keep close in case there will be more surprises. We can probably ask for a bonus because our customer's information proved to be incorrect.

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Were incredibly lucky the keys were right where we found them. Don't you find it suspicious? The gatehouse does not look abandoned. Who could actually live in a place like this? Some psycho, that's who. Гm sorry, Гm a bit nervous. Lets try sneaking into the mansion itself. Burglar bars? Damn, if it weren't for the money they promised us for the box I would have already given up! I don't like this house. I feel like it's... watching us. Oh look, this window isn't barred. We can use it to get in this dilapidated old home!

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You find yourself in a dusty abandoned room. The projector has sprung to life! But how? The mansion is abandoned. Something is very wrong. Listen, we need to fins the box and get out before something happens. I have a bad feeling about this. You hear a click and see your friend suddenly wince in pain. looking lower, you see a strange metal contraption to his ankle. Get that thing off! Get it off, it hurts! I think it was a trap.

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You look around in despair finding nothing useful. Stanley's face becomes as pale as fresh snow. Suddenly a tiny red light in the corner of the room catches your eye. Now you see the black "eye" of a camera that someone put in the corner of the wall near the ceiling. You try to reach it when a storm shutter falls down, blocking the window that you used to climb inside the house. Activate the laser, and it will point out the sought for item.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you found a locked safe. This safe was left by the puppeteer and will open in 24 hours. Remember to log in to take its contents. Night mode - The room is dark and only your flashlight can light the way. Be quick and find every item before the time runs out. Consider using a light bomb.

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Tutorial Panic Room 2 (wiki): shadows mode - you will only see shapes of the items in the list. Be quick and find every item before the time ends. If you have some difficulties - use chronometer or laser. Premium hack - your advantages: life recovery speed; friends giving cookies; free gifts daily; freedom points for completing the rooms; copper tokens; 40% to the chance of finding rare and very rare item.

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