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Free hack Panzer League cheats code list - gold, ability point, upgrade code, promo ticket, premium tank, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Panzer League cheat world: welcome, i'll teach you the basics on how to control your tank. Let's do some target practice! You attack an enemy by tapping the attack button. Your tank will then automatically continue to attack it's target. Drag the ability button to destroy the group of enemy units with you inferno missile.

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Your tank can be upgraded with a variety of systems. For now let's upgrade your turret. Buy the highlighted upgrade. Now you are well equipped for the tasks ahead. Our defense tower is attacked by enemy units. Defeat them. You can now use a new ability: fortify - will increase your armor for a short duration.

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Your enemy is danaged, let's finish him off with your ultimate ability: ravage. Ravage will increase your attack damage for a short duration. Let's upgrade your tank once more before attacking the enemy base. The enemy reactor is protected by defense towers. You win by destroying the enemy reactor.

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Don't attack a tower alone, it's very powerful! Wait until your combat drones distract the tower. Use the recall ability to quickly get back to your base. Each time your tank levels up, you will receive 2 ability points. You can spend those points to improve your tank's abilities. We'll need to visit the hangar, press the tanks button to get there.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: each tank has four abilities which you can upgrade with ability points gained from each level up of your tank.
balancing update: we have made some adjustments to the shredder's engine and weaponry. using the quad barrel fire mode now causes an increased heat development. Raised damage output of the double barrel fire mode from 100% to 125%. Shredder gets disabled for a few seconds whenever its heat level.
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Tutorial Panzer League (wiki): Fragmentation - deals 30% of the attack damage to all enemy units within 12 m of the target. Control more than 15 futuristic war machines, each of which with a unique style of play. Choose your role - and set the battlefield on fire, repair your teammate or become invisible.
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