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Papa's Pastaria To Go redeem codes

This is the order station. Take customers’ orders here. The cook station - cook and strain pasta here. The build station - add sause and toppings. The bread station - toast bread for orders. Use the corner buttons to switch between each station. You’ll copy down each customer’s order onto an order ticket. Switch to the cook station to start cooking some pasta.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Tap on a cooking pot to choose a pasta to cook. First customer wants macaroni - tap the jar of macaroni pasta to choose it. Wait for the pasta to cook. When the pasta is half way cooked, you need to stir it with the spoon! Drag the spoon to the pot and let go to start stirring.
cheat, Step #2: Keep cooking until the pasta is done! When the customer orders regular pasta, it should cook until the meter is orange. This pasta is done cooking! Tap on the pot to lift the pasta and start draining the water. Wait until the water stops draining out of the pasta before removing it.
Papa's Pastaria To Go code, Step #3: The water has drained off! Drag the strainer of pasta onto a plate to send it to the build station. Switch to the build station to start topping the pasta. Customer wants Papa’s Marinara! Tap on the sause jar to select it. Grab the plate to start pouring, and move it left and right as the sause pours onto the pasta. Try not to spill too much on the edges of the plate!
Step #4: Customer wants parmesan cheese. Drag the bins left and right until the Parmesan cheese shaker is centered above the plate. He wants 5 meatballs. Slide the bins left and right until the meatball is centered. Grab and move the plate to position where you want the meatball to drop! Release the plate to drop it into the “X”.

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