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Tap control: The order station - take customers' orders here. The cook station - cook rice and prepare nori and paper here. The build station - add fillings, roll sushi, and add toppings. Use the corner buttons to switch between each station. You’ll copy down each customer’s order onto an order ticket. Switch to the cook station to start preparing sushi. This order needs white rice. Drag the white rice bin onto a rice cooker. The rice is now cooking. Watch the cook meter until it reaches the halfway point in the middle.

Papa's Sushiria To Go cheats, hack codes

1. 4bHSUevK - clothes
2. W8uQ0ILa - cash
3. Enter veaCvoPj - rank points
4. Pass veaCvoPj - lobby points
5. jLa26KyZ - furniture
6. Enter fKAy2qEJ - auto cook
7. LIat9bDu - secret combination
8. bo6M03F1 - new levels
9. pzligrCV - boss stage
10. SHfWjF6A - game coupon code

Basics Papa's Sushiria To Go: when the rice is half - way finished, it's time to add sushi Vinegar to the rice. Drag the Vinegar bottle onto the rice cooker to add Vinegar. This sushi will be wrapped in Nori. Drag the Nori onto the bamboo mat while you're waiting for the rice. Wait until the rice is ready, and drag the rice cooker onto the nori on the mat.
First order needs Salmon inside. Drag the filling Bins left and right until Salmon is centered by the arrows. The amount of Salmon needed for this sushi appears in the topping tray. Drag the first piece of Salmon to the bottom edge of the sushi or use cheats codes. Keep dragging pieces of Salmon onto the unrolled sushi. Try to space them evenly.

Tutorial crystals Papa's Sushiria To Go hack tools: order needs cream cheese? Drag the bins until cream cheese is centered and appears in the tray, drag the piece of cream cheese to the bottom edge. Tap the roll button to roll. Hacky Zak wants mango on top of his sushi. Drag the bins until mango slices are centered, drag the slice mango onto the top. This order needs duck sauce drizzled on top. Tap the switch button to change to your pourable toppings. Grab the sushi roll to start pouring, and move it left and right as the duck sauce pours onto it. Try to make it zig-zag so it's poured evenly across the roll. Tap the green done button when you're ready to slice.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. The red laser cutting guide will show where the knife will cut. Drag the green button to line the cutting guide with the first dotted line on the table.
  • 2. Each customer also orders a bubble tea! Wait until the meter is in the middle on the star, and tap the pour button to add milk. Drag order's ticket onto the ticket holder to deliver it!
  • 3. Flip symbol means customer want rice ont he outside of the roll. Tap the flip button to flip it.
  • 4. Use the game tickets you earn to play in Foodini’s daily mini game show, or use cheats.

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