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Cheat Paradise Blitz Bingo Party hack android, ios code

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Hack Paradise Blitz Bingo Party: cheat List
speed bonus - use hack xcB9CQj45
off penalty - enter pass E1tqM0HjP
boosters - YAMKdm0ez
special pack - CkgiGuYtV
new special mode - 3ZBGC3Ebq
board skin - WSxbJ6q4Z
Month Card x1 - RCK0iInHe
upgrade - UTtsfEJNe
daily gift bag x10 - seCWTZZA3
secret combination code - X6sleh0qa
level up - f03ChEftS
premium account - TA6CkRJma
credits - oODsSLsig
lucky speen - MGB4qUW28
points - kWl7pA2Fj
Paradise Blitz Bingo Party How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
Let's start with a practice game agains SoulObsolete! You will both be playing the same level. Main goal - daub the same number as the number last drawn. Doing it fast, you earn more points. Make a bingo and earn more points. Bingo can be made by columns, row, diagonal or corners. Daubt fast to get boosters quickly. Use wisely and at the right time. Every boosters can be used at any time.
Paradise Blitz Bingo Party Hack Basics
rjkxhxJXp - pick any number you like on bingo card.
FLEaZe3RF - pick a one of the four balls presented.
woRYa16kB - increase the speed at which the balls appear.
BdMYKMMZf - increase play time by 10 seconds.
UY2ePdJoO - double your points when this booster is on.
6mSIQUCQS - only one of the numbers can be found on cards.
8AW9bgPQx - anchor the balls in place for a specified time.
2FchDTLq0 - prophecy on the next three balls.
UNwdcsOr6 - choose a booster from four options.
O49otXLHq - choose the column to which the next ball fits.
Paradise Blitz Bingo Party Hint & Tips
1. You must spin the wheel more than one round or you will get a penalty. The penalty is -500 points.
2. Cards: based on match you can have 1-3 bingo cards in use. Switch active card by "1, 2" buttons (red is active).
3. View each player's score after each match. Here you can see your winnings. Win or lose you always earn. Tickets which you can redeem in the tickets store.
4. Your level represents all your hard work and gameplay in game. Your match history is summarized on the home screen.
Paradise Blitz Bingo Party Hack tools Version
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date24 October 2020
Last Modified24 October 2020
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