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Welcome to new android game arena! In this site you’ll learn the basics of combat and tactics. In the arena, your ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy’s castle! You’ll need heroes to win! Spawn Aegis by tapping on his portrait. You can directly control your heroes! Move Aeris by tapping on the ground. Now that you’ve got the basics, you can charge out to the battlefield. Enemies are everywhere! Tap on them to attack!

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With a lane free you can move in on the enemy castle! The enemy has spawned a Marauder! beware of his hook attack! Defeat the enemy Marauder with Aegis’ earth shatter ability! Now the enemy castle is open!
Time to learn how you can gain the upper hand on your opponents. In order to spawn more heroes you’ll need to capture resource points. Spawn Storm - is a high damage character who needs protection, and Aegis to assist him! Select your characters and send them to battle by using a pinch to create a selection box!

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Capture a resource point by attacking it! Top menu - you can see how many resource points are yours here. Next you’ll need to destroy an enemy tower. They’re strong so be careful. With your newly acquired resources, you can spawn the support hero cleric. Cleric can keep your heroes alive with potent healing magic. With a tower destroyed the enemy castle is vulnerable.
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World map - here you can access every building of your kingdom! Tap on the stronghold to view all your current heroes! There you can upgrade your characters and structures, unlock new heroes. In the runes tab you can identify, upgrade, and combine your runes!
Before heading into the arena we’ll need a fourth hero for a full team - use hack code! You can now test your wits in PvP combat in the arena, fight quick matches in Skirmish, or take on hige bosses in Colossus!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Once a defense tower has been destroyed, you can not repair it in a match.
  • Neutral resource points are captured by the player who deals the last hit, so time your attacks carefully.
  • Cleric is devout follower of Aliph the god of mending and rejuvenation.
  • Glory days are upon us! The Gods of the realm are handing out special rewards all week long. Lo in every day this week to get the most out of these rewards! Check your mail to collect your cheats, rewards, gifts!
  • Fight in arena this weekend to receive bonus soul stone!

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  • To help you on your way we will be doubling the rewards you receive in arena, skirmish, and Colossus modes. This will affect how fast you earn experience, gold, soul stones, and runes.
  • Every thursday the marksman comes to town with a new load of resources from his mining expeditions. To bring in customers during this exciting time, the store offers all shoppers a 99% bonus to everything they buy or hack that day! Move quickly though, the bonus only last 24 hours!
  • The gods of the real, have deemed Friday as a day for glorious battle and will bless you with extra spoils of war for the day. All day Friday you will receive 50% extra loot in the arena, skirmish, and Colossus modes. This means extra experience, gold, soul stone and runes.

Paragon Kingdom Arena tutorial

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Holy shield - Aegis braces himself against his shield and becomes invulnerable and rooted for 4 seconds.
In Skirmish mode, 3 of your heroes face off against a team of AI opponents.
The assassin doesn’t align himself with anyone in particular. It just happens to be that the legion pays better.
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