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Free hack Park of Monster cheats code list - speed up, monsters, gold, promo ticket, eggs, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Park of Monster cheat world: drag the monster eggs together, and save them by merging. i’m an ancient monster, butterfly dragon, an assistant to the creator. Before the ancient God left, he asked me to wait here for new master. From now on, you are my new master. The world is polluted by demons. I will help you purify the world and make the ancient God great again. Now, let’s check out the stages.

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Ancient God! My poor old master! Dear general, please free him from the totem. As log as the ancient God can be saved, his glory will help you purify this land. This is the guide, through which you can learn more about the wild world. You can’t move anything on the dead land. merge the sacred flowers of any rank to purify the land. Monsters will gather a lot of items for you to use or merge.

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They are best at gathering sacred balls from sacred flowers. You can purify the dead land by tapping on the sacred ball. From now on, you will get stage reward after winning a stage. There are golds or other mysterious items in the stage reward. Sometimes even an egg can be found. Your reward will be sent back to the home stage and put into a trophy ball. Stage reward sometime will be pick from the stage items.

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This is a difficult challenge stage. Challenging as it is, you can get the monsters after you win. Don’t forget to check the store items. All the rewards are already sent back to the main camp. This is the first task that God gave us: merge sacred seed. Complete the task, ancient God will never be bad for us! Mini house - a place where monsters can rest and recover. It will take 20 minutes for each monster.

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