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Park Town cheat world: your city's favorite park is about to be auctioned off. And there was a time when it had all kinds of attractions. Aborable animals made the visitors brimming with joy. Everyone absolutely loved the park. You can't let anyone destroy it. It's good that your loyal friend, zoologist Kevin, has agreed to help you. It has been decided! Together you will restore the wonderful park.

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Greetings! I am the mayor of this city. My name is cheat-on. So you and the city's renowned zoologist have decided to take it upon yourselves to look after the park? If you manage to bring back the park to the city, i will be sure to reward you! For instance i suppose, i'll gift you a panda. Here's the pak jey. Don't be shy! Go ahead and open the gates.
Make your first combo by matching three chips in a row. keep on making combos to complete the level. I am sure you'll be able to handle everything, given the right levels of enthusiasm.

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For starters, we will plant some ornamental shrubs. They should spruce the park up. And people will no longer be able to see all those empty enclosures. We are free to do whatever we like. You take charge - that way we'll return the park to the city in no time. There's a ton of work that needs to be done. Let's match four chips in a row and see what happens. This is a petard - activate it by swapping it with one of the adjacent chips.

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Let us make another step towards the park of our dreams - let's plant some flowers. As my florist buddy says, "you can never have too many flowers." match four of the same chips so that they form a square. We've gotten ourselves a firework. Now activate it by swapping it with one of the adjacent chips. You don't have to line up the chips in a square to make a firework.
Also, while we are on the animal topic: i noticed animal tracks in the grass while planting flowers. And it definitely seemed like that something was sleeping in the shrubs. It appears we've got a neighbor!
I'm sure it wouldn't mind having some feed and fresh water. I'd love to have a drink, too/ Today's been pretty hot, after all. Let's set up a drinking fountain.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: make a corner shaped line out of five same type chips and see what happens. We've just made a bomb! Move it to an adjacent tile. How about we plant some ornamental shrubs by the park entrance? Actually, scratch that - that would be boring! What if we clip them and give them different animal shapes. We'll have some really adorable topiaries then. Every level has a limitec number of moves. Colored bomb - swap it with one of the adjacent chips and the resulting explosion will affect all theelements of the same color.

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Tutorial (wiki): and since we're talking about the mayor - that house over there must be the park's administration building. It looks like an old warehouse now. let's it make a tad cozier. YOu can combine all the bonuses on the field. That way their effect will be more powerful. The park has a cozy administration building now. We've made a first step towards our goal. Adn we deserve a reward for that. Once we are done with our business here, the mayor will burst in awe excitement and shower us with gifts.

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