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Activate hero's blizzard attack to immobilize the enemy! Then let us return to the fortress and prepare for new foes. Fortress – the place where your heroes gather in defense of the realm. Let's reinforce our party by adding a hero. First, select the hall of heroes, and now let's assign a hero to the empty slot. With a full party we can finish off the rest of the raiders. A gnoll raiding party has been lurking in these plains. A great chance to test your new strength! This fight requires that we make good use of our hero's skills. Use all of your heroes skills to crush enemy raiders. The sage guild will help you restoring our fortress! Please accept this modest contribution. Spend it wisely!

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Party of Heroes –  hack codes

We can start by rebuilding our hall of heroes. Next, we'll rebuild the barracks so our heroes have a place to rest while not on guard duty. Now we need to have those barracks overflowing with heroes. And nothing brings heroes like a nice tavern. The tavern is the best place to hire new, powerful heroes. Heroes can be either common, rare, epic, legendary or mythical, the most powerful of all. We can upgrade hero and have room for both our heroes. Upgrade would normally take a few minutes, but we can rush things up. Lets use hack cheats gems to upgrade the hall of heroes immediately. Eventually, we will need more heroes, weapons and magic for our cause, and that takes gold. Like, insane amounts of gold!

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Party of Heroes –  cheats secret bug
Our next priority should be securing a steady income – our mines must be rebuilt! Now that we have a steady influx of gold, place to store and protect it is needed... like the treasury. The mine fills up over time. Be sure to check back often to collect your gold. There are many kinds of gear with all sorts of awesome effects. Some types of gear can be equipped by any hero, and others can only be equipped by specific classes. Fight campaign battles to find new gear and power up your party! Upgrade your hall of heroes to bring more warriors to the battle. Make sure to equip gear that best suits your party. Many will only work on specific classes.

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Party of Heroes –  gold , pack, hero, gems
1. QdaKJRavr6 – champion pack
2. SbozaounFi – mythical hero
3. n0eUv4jcuF - gems
4. rS4v0bQ9Bn - gold
5. NVIvdqD2mQ - potions
6. gYAgRLnSmg - sages
7. UWP6WfGYgG – unlimited energy

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