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The only foreseeable thing is that the light of the Colossus in Heggem can no longer resist the invasion of the Sendril. Soon this peaceful village will be swallowed up and plunged into eternal darkness. Although the Disciples of Solas have long been accustomed to vagrancy, migration due to the decline of a Colossus is very rare. With the clues still unclear, Terrence decides to catch up with Viola before making any other plans. Of course, before that, he has to wipe out all these mutated the Marred.

Pascal's Wager hack

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Basics: Lock the target. Light attack - fast but weak. Heavy attack - slow but strong, can easily interrupt the action of enemies. Dodge - can be pressed for two consecutive time. Block - hold to defense. Broken bones and other Sendril Carryovers could be dedicated at the altar or buy items. Perform combat skill - light attack> heavy attack, perform attack: dash and thrust, approach the enemy fast, 30 rage needed. Rage is gained by attacking enemies. Use health potion to regenerate health. The number of health potion is limited, it can be replenish at the altar.

Pascal's Wager cheats, hack codes

Trophy - the things player receives after defeating an enemy, trophies can also be made on altar with alchemy. Trophies will provide you with powerful strength. Press hero menu to open the trophy and gear yourself up with the trophies. Equip artifacts to gain great power. Artifacts are divided into 3 categories: scars, resistance, and nightmare. They can only be equipped in the right positions.
When defeating the Marred, the sanity of the character is continuously lowered. After losing most of its sanity, the character will become abnormal and suffer abnormal effect. Check stats to see more details. Rest at the altar or use cheat code to regain sanity. Elixir of sanity is equipped in the quick item, press to use it and regain sanity.
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Visit the altar to save the game. At the altar, the player can dedicate Sendril carryovers, improve the attributes of characters, and alchemy props. When a character dies, he is sent back to the altar he last visits. Dedicate fifth bones to upgrade the altar level. After the level up, all characters are granted stat points to increase their attributes. Quick use: there are 6 slots available to equip quick items. Edit quick items: tap slots icon. Use: tap item icon. Switch - tap and hold item icon.

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