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It could be a usual night, filled with the sound of father’s training. But since that night, i can’t hear anymore...Be the greatest grandmaster that no one could touch. This is my father’s last words.
I will let you know how to play briefly. It is not forced so take your time. You can get reward so it will be quite fun. You can get complete reward when you finish every missions.

Payback Showdown hack

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Energy? For play match or train, energy will be consumed. Recover the energy - energy will be automatically recovered in time. By using energy portion, it can be filled 105 for each, I will make it for you when you request. Action point? When you play match or train, 1 action point will be consumed. When your action points become 0, the sun rises or sets. 20 action point left before night.
You can get gold from martial arts lessons. But you should consume the energy for some time.

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1. Z5e9lrVWy1 - level up
2. GtNiCRMODp - voucher
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Payback Showdown hack month card
You need training point for the master’s trial, because it gives you codex that can get arts in learn arts and perk. For the concentration you should consume the energy for some time.
Combat power? It is the figure based on the character’s 5 stats. Of course, higher stats will make higher combat power. Hp it means health point. Strength - art’s strength is based on the strength. Dexterity - it set the order of attack by comparing with the opponent’s dexterity. Accuracy - it set the accuracy rate by comparing the enemy’s defense.
Payback Showdown wiki
Endurance can improve the 5 stats equally. You should consume the energy for some time. Personal training can improve the stat what you want. You need to give me the gold, but i will make it free. Power arts enhacne the HP stat. Can be equipped maximim 5. You can get various arts from learn arts and perk by the certain rate, you need gem or arts codex. Each arts have their attributes. Try to take best arts based on your strategy. You can know the average str multiplier / stamina usage of equipped arts.

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5 2aFCKHOZzp gift box
6 QNh61GYcfD gold coins
7 dNWgtBFnFr month card
8 Iuj5iTKdEK premium pack
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11 t9jjW9dlz6 gear pack

Payback Showdown gift codes, hack, note.

Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Auto training - you can get stat experience, training point, gold automatically for hours, even when you are out the game.
  • Complete all days missions and get hp, strength, dexterity, accuracy, defense booster.
  • Menu: martial arts - stats, art info. Equip or upgrade arts and skills. Costume - customize and equip costume. Doctor - recover and booster. Make energy recovery or booster for stat.
  • Character have 5 main stat, you can upgrade stat as you want, train your won style.
  • There are hundreds of various martial arts move. YOu can get them in learn arts and perk customize your character with your own martial arts.

Payback Showdown tips
Hack cheats tutorial Payback Showdown(wiki):
Style’s passive and pek - you can checked the equipped style’s passive and perk. Attack order - by comparing dexterity, decide who, when, and how many times will you attack. Style - it will be randomly used from your style. When the icon is gray, it means the style. All damage is applied as strength * str multiplier. Damage resist when hit will help you to get less damage. Damage resist when block - it will help you to get less damage when you defense. Critical damage make you to deal more damage to the opponent. Each arts have their own critical chance. When power arts gauge is full, power arts can be used once. Power arts - it is the orange mark in the attack order. It will be activated randomly in power arts slot. You can’t damage the opponent when your stamina is 0. And get more damage from the opponent.
Payback Showdown tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Payback Showdown: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, action points.

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