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1. xS752gpXUw - level up 2. pDUZsxO2JR - voucher 3. zGvv38shrN - activation key 4. aezU4uEKUc - free play 5. YhDap4nTvJ - rank up Freshman like you are most welcome here. Actually, we can’t afford an experienced soccer player right now. Anyway, i am cheat-on, number 1 fan and assistant to the team. Basics: slide your finger toward the goal. The ball will be kicked in the direction of the line. If you want to kick a fast ball, slide your finger fast. The meter on the left displays the speed of the ball.

Perfect Kick 2 hack

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You can make a high lob by drawing a projectile curve. Mastery of this skill can save games. Power ups can be used when equipped. You activated a banana ball, which greatly increases your ability to bend a ball. You can kick a curve ball by drawing a curve.

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1. vROdiANypP - your power stats enhanced. The speed of the ball you kick will be faster. Gears can incrase your stats in different aspects. 2. 7z6SvWeIYH - challenge points 3. 7arg7pdCh7 - gold balls 4. Q1Ft5PXdFO - power ups upgrade> once upgraded, power ups become more powerful.

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You learn fast! Now we can practice goalkeeping. In goalkeeping round, you can move left or right by touching near the corresponding side of the body. Tap left side to move to the flag. To make a save, tap the place you want to go. Tap the indicated position to jump there.
Perfect Kick 2 wiki
In league, you complete with players from all over the world to earn prizes. You can improve your rank by winning coins from games. Every round of league match lasts in 2 days. Try to stay in the promotion zone when league finishes, then you can get the prizes and be promoted to higher league divisions.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Skills:
  • There are 9 league divisions. Division provide extra prizes of gems and league benefits, you can receive coins over time whether you are playing matches or not.
  • Higher divisions provide more league benefits and promotion prizes.
  • Win games and earn coins to improve your league rank.
  • You got some cool power ups. Equip them so that you can use them in games.
  • Menu - here you can view, equip and upgrade the power ups. Using them wisely could save your game.
  • You can also equip poer ups for the goalkeeping rounds.

Perfect Kick 2 tips
Hack cheats tutorial Perfect Kick 2(wiki): More power ups will be available in the new tours. You received quite a lot of coins. You can use them to buy a gear chest. The chest contains gear cards which can be exchanged into balls, gloves and boots. High level chests contains more rare cards. You’ve got enough cards for a new ball. Cards are traded into gears automatically.
You can win gold balls and challenge points by competing various challenges.
Perfect Kick 2 tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Perfect Kick 2: gold, gift box, fragments, credits.

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