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I will be helping you throughout the game. You will need stamina to play career mode. tamina is recharged as time passes. Now let’s head out to the Oak Hills course. I’ll teach you how to take a shot. Take a shot by dragging the shot button down and releasing it. The farther you pull down, the stronger the shot will be. You can make a more accurate shot by releasing the button when the gauge is in the middle.
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Top bar - the distance and direction to the hole is displayed here. Middle bar - the target location and club;s standard range is displayed here. The standard range describes the distance the ball will travel on flat ground with no wind. In reality, the wind and elevation of the ground will affect the trajectory of the ball. The ball’s trajectory is only shown in Oak Hills course’s White tee. You can move the target location by dragging left and right. During putting, the movement and color of the white lines determines the green’s elevation. The basic target distance is set slightly farther than the hole when the green is flat.

Perfect Swing Golf cheats, hack codes

The orange line seen here is called the putting guide. The putting guide shows the actual trajectory of your putt. The higher your putter’s putt stat, the farther the distance your putting guide trajectory will show.
You can set your target by moving your screen left and right but you can set your target more precisely by using the set target button. In the set target mode, you can not only drag left or right to set the direction, but also the distance by dragging up and down. The location of the white circle moves as you change the distance.
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You can hit a draw shot by pulling back the shot button then sliding it to the left. Your curl stat is too low so it only curved slightly. You can check any received components by selecting the components button. Let us try equipping components to our driver. You can select different clubs with the tab above. When your accuracy is lower than your strength, your shot gauge speed increases and it becomes more difficult to hit the ball correctly. Components can be power-uped up to 15. You may even earn bonus stats white power-up parts.

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