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8th of the 9th lunar month, early autumn. It's a bit chilly. When I received the letter, the ink on it had dried. The letter was from Tang Bing, the only daughter of the Master of the Tang Clan. A traitor named Tang Li had committed serial murders against the Tang Clan. Three on Mid-Autumn night, six on the 22nd of the 8th lunar month, ten on the 1st of the 9th lunar month, all killed with one blow. Tang Li is slightly superior among the second generation of dicsiples, but it would be impossible for him to commit such a heinous crime. A fellow brother said Tang Li appeared with eight arms. Would this be the Forbidden Art? But it has long since disappeared...Tang Bing has escaped to the outskirts of the Southside, but she feels that Tang Li is approaching. She desperately turns to the Organization. It seems like I should take a trip to Southside.

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