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Welcome, in this game you have to clear each stage of this phantom infested mansion. I can explain more but for now let's just jump into a battle. What a puny phantom. Let me teach you how to defeat it. On the field there are enemy spell cards. And places for your spell cards. Isn't it simple? The cards on field are always activated from left to right.'s the catch. Cards you placed on field need to cooldown before using them again. Luckily the cooldown timer automatically decreases at the start of every phase. Also each card's level presents its cooldown time so make sure you read them.

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hack Phantom Rose Scarlet Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Take a look at cards that are not in cooldown. The number on the attack cards display the attack power. And the number on defensive magic cards display the barrier power. Cards with ni numbers have special skills that may also give buff status.

cheat Step #2: Make sure to take your rewards after defeating a phantom.
Now learn the rest on your own! You seem quite smart after all.

code Step #3: Use skills: Assassinate - attack 2 times, if buff status exists, inflict 1 bleeding status to opponent. Bleeding status - lose HP at the ened of phase by 2x duration of status. Swift strike - attack by 4 if the card is one of the first two cards on field. Thorn barrier - gain 2 barrier & 1 thorn armor status. When attacked, attacker receives 4 damage.

Phantom Rose Scarlet Step #4: enter cheats code - increase power of next attack card by 1 if it's own card. Rearrange next phase's field cards so that opponent's cards are positioned last. Great strike - reduce cooldown duration of this card by 1 if next card is an attack card.

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  • 1. Enter cheat - #M4NLljelo :raise power of card when cooldown of card in deck is reduced or reset by skill. Burnout - reduce duration of opponent's buff status. Increase existing barrier by field position of this card.
  • 2. Hack list: ruby ring - #H3RziouLC. Use in battle to raise duration of buff status by 2. blood potion - #VCf8oAnuU crystal bracelet - #vBJQVM4CA bunny charm - #HhP43jWa7 3 inventory space - #l4e46hjEk xp booster - #xb04bBYWN phantom Rose line stickers - #zoWJ3YsNp skins - #yhmWkze5X
  • 3. Not enough inventory space? Please select an item to replace with the new item.
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