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Since ancient times, creatures known as Monsters have coexisted with humans. Humans and monsters have forged bonds of friendship and now rely upon each other in their daily lives. You are a member of the Phoenix Rangers, an organization created for the purpose of protecting these bonds.
But there are some who see monsters as a nuisance. The Zenith Corporation is one such rival entity...We are being raided! Zenith enforcers and their minions are everywhere!

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They are snatching up all of the monsters they can get their hands on! I see some monsters being chased! We have to help them before they get captured! Battle controls: tap on groups of 2 or more same colored blocks to attack! Clear a group of 4 or more blocks to create a line bomb. Tap on the line bomb to clear an entire row of blocks. 7 or more - create a color bomb: clear all blocks of the same color. Combine a line and color bomb to cause havoc on your enemies.

Phoenix Rangers cheats, hack codes

There are more bomb combinations you can make, try to find them all. We need supplies to rebuild our base. Let’s repair our supply yard. Tap cheat code button to finish repairing the building instantly. While we wait for supplies to be produced, let’s fix up the summoning circle. The summoning circle is an ancient portal that we can use to find friendly monsters. With summoning, you never known which monster will step out from the portal.
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The number below the enemy health bar shows how soon it will attack. Collect mana from cleared blocks. Even attacks that miss give mana! Monsters are actually really small creatures called wisps. Wisps use mana to create a physical form. Those forms are the creatures that we know and love. If you knock out a monster it’ll turn back into a wisp. It’s the safest way to pacify a dangerous monster. And sometimes you’ll find curious items. Boss dropped something, let’s bring it back to the base. Defeating enemies gives you wisps and other loot. Wisps can be hatched into monsters.

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Dramask has a special ability called taunting mask. Use it to damage an enemy and reduce its defense. make your monsters stronger by leveling them up. ZjiSqo - legendary monsters
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