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Hello,i’m your guide. Welcome to the new android game world! Drag the left joystick to move. Drive up to the yellow marker! Drag the right joystick to aim and release it to fire. Destroy all the enemies. The yellow bar above your vehicle shows how much ammo you have left! Ammo will reload over time or use cheats for unlimited ammo. You can also tap the right joystick to automatically fire at the nearest enemy.

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You can equip abilities to help you in battle. Destroy the enemies with the airstrike ability! The blue bar underneath your tank is your energy bar! Abilities cost energy and your energy recharges over time. The repair drone repairs nearby allies when your tank is fully repaired. Now you’re ready to battle agains other real players! Go to the social page to add friends.

Pico Tanks cheats, hack codes

Crates: supply, tech, premium. Vehicles are built with a body, a weapon, and up to three abilities. Each tank body can equip a different numbers of abilities. THe classic body can equip 2 skills. Tank equipment and abilities can be upgraded. Remember, using skill during battle drains your tank’s energy. Using the bubble shield ability costs 2 energy.
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Cannon - fires cannon balls that tear through tank armor, good in most situations. The grenade slows down the cargo in the Fetch the Cargo game mode.
Hold the flag - work together as a team to capture and hold the flag to score points and win the battle. Switching tanks during battle resets your energy charge. Having a team member with a repair weapon can be a winning strategy.

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